Odyssey battery is perfectly designed for a range of applications including marine, racing, powersports, commercial, auto/LTV. It combines its tremendous power and performance to brand an excellent battery. Get this right about Odyssey battery: it delivers two times the overall power and three times or more the life of conventional batteries.

The manufacturer has invented the use of absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery technology of combining two different characteristics in one box. The battery can both provide enormous cranking power and be able to deep cycle.

Odyssey batteries are superb: they give engine cranking pulses in excess of 2250A for just 5 seconds. In addition to this it gives 400 charge or discharge cycles to a depth discharge of 80%. A typical starting, lighting and ignition battery cannot do both.

They provide a high amperage pulse of shorter duration and low rate duration drains.

Odyssey batteries reviews

I first bought this battery and it lasted for 3 months after which I replaced it with the same model that also lasted for 3 months. The Cold Cranking Amps was specifically to power my Harley. My bike was taking a lot of time to recharge even after taking so much power. It reached a point when it could not take in more power. It works well for stock applications though it fails when billed as a heavy duty battery. You are advised to measure the decrease in cold cranking amps before starting and repeat this on a weekly basis.

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I had to buy Odyssey battery to replace another 12V stock that was completely dead. Guess the one I was replacing. Believe me, it fitted exactly in the original holder but I could avoid using longer M5bolts to enable me use the stock battery hold down. Unbelievable! It’s now past one month and my kids are still using it.

I completely support other reviews about Odyssey, as indicated in the manual, the battery dies after one or two months. This happens mostly if the alternator is too small and you ride at low speeds without covering much distance. This battery is durable in terms of service especially if you get a charger that charges and floats at levels that are not at the same level compared to other car batteries. Ability to deep cycle, extreme cranking amps are both good qualities of these batteries. In addition, high torque starter makes my HD to start right up. If you want to achieve optimal charge and floating go for the battery Minder 12248 that has a temperature monitor. Follow these directions and you won’t regret. You will get the worth of your money if you avoid the regular AGM.

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This battery made using USA material has a lot of power. Imagine I didn’t keep it fully charged on a maintenance charger or through riding but it stayed for 4 years. If it were you would you avoid going for another one? That is exactly what I did and kept it fully charged this time round. Worthy battery with very high life expectancy and 2 years warranty unlike most batteries. This is not all, there was also no corrosion or leakage for the 4 four years it was servicing me. At first I didn’t want to spend more money on it, I wanted to buy the cheaper batteries but now I’m so happy because the amount of money I spent is justified. Make a wise decision and you will not regret, buy this battery made in America.

Read Odyssey batteries reviews before buying buing new or used Odyssey car battery!