Duralast rechargeable batteries, manufactured by Johnson Controls, have a good reputation in the battery market. Duralast – excellent value for money.

Duralast Heavy Duty Batteries are manufactured with patented grid technology and designed for the demanding CCA and RC ratings of your equipment. Heavy Duty, the best choice for equipment operating under the harshest on and off-road conditions.

  • Patented grid manufacturing technology produces grids engineered to be more efficient for optimal performance
  • Best-in-class vent caps are engineered to be safer and reduce leakage and corrosion
  • Solidium™ welds are designed to stop corrosion and prevent premature failure
  • Specially designed cases to endure harsh off road conditions


Every Duralast battery comes with a Nationwide Two-Year Free Replacement Warranty and our patented design for rugged dependability.

Duralast batteries feature best-in-class vent caps, a Solidium™ Weld System, Robust Separators, LifeSpan™ negative paste and power designed to meet or exceed your specific vehicles needs. All this adds up to a powerful, long-lasting battery that’s worthy of the Duralast name.

Duralast batteries feature a patented design that’s powerfully effective—even in extreme conditions. The rugged, impact resistant polypropylene construction reduces damage due to vibration.


Battery Series:

“Duralast Classic”

The range of batteries is presented in 3 types:




Since the invention of batteries and until the 1970s, batteries had to be serviced. This was due to the fact that antimony was added to increase the mechanical strength to the lead of the electrode grids. And at the same time it promotes the hydrolysis of water – splitting it into oxygen and hydrogen. In fact, the boiling-off and lowering of the electrolyte level.


With little antimony batteries, I think everyone is clear. Inexpensive, boil out, you need to maintain, workability is maintained within a couple of years. Buy them only on the basis of savings, and not always on cars cheap and not young.




When the going gets tough – the tough get awesome | Duralast batteries are in it to win it