Put this battery (PC925L) within my 2011 Polaris Ranger. They fit in . You need to put it on its side. No plugs are essential. I’ve got a large amount of lighting on my small Ranger –however this factor has lots of ‘juice’ to consider proper care of it. This can be a excellent battery. Sealed –so no fuss–no muss. Your investment maintenance.

This really is within my 1976 Talkabout Guzzi Convert. They fit within the space perfectly however it did need a little adjustment to obtain the cables to the side mounted devices. Plenty of turning energy in my old V-Twin and also the quick begins and stops out and about don’t appear to empty battery lower such as the old lead acidity style i did previously use.

Just set up in ’91 BMW K100. I am an electric Engineer, and that i HATE batteries, however this is a is amazing. No mess, no fuss. We’ll observe how robust it works out to become. Claims of not needing to charge it until it dissipates to 12.00 Vdc, after up to and including two (2) year storage, has me impressed! I’d signs of ABS problems. One cause could be low battery current. Put this baby in, did a method totally reset, and good by ABS issues. I am searching toward a contented relationship from the battery the very first time. ( I have to admit the Li-ion softball bat within the Makita is impressive too.) Hopefully weight loss use in to these great items the cost will drop. Oh, BTW it’s USA manufactured! And something more note: battery comes called PC925, although it’s a 925L. Getting never witnessed an image from the ‘L’ model, I surmised there is no ‘L’ labels made. The friendly and useful CS repetition. at Battery Mart led me to the net-page where their pic was. I indeed possess the correct unit.

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To date good,only neg may be the ugly orange color.Place in 1978 BMW R100 RS.Less wide as stock Battery so slid in w.out getting rid of subframe bolts,good.Screw inches really are a challenge,whatever.Got side covers on,butt ugly orange couldn’t get up on an all-black costume bike so required it,did not wish to watch for black fresh paint to dry so covered top orange with Tap Plastics Black 4 inch vinyl tape.Obviously first factor Used to do was warmth gun and remove the Journey logo design sticker. Observe how lengthy that one lasts.40 years of multiple motorcycles,a lot of batteries.Used battery tenders because the 90s and can wish for the longitivity possible.The corporation shipped fast as well as sent me email to ensure correct battery for vehicle.Buy again once the next bike needs one from their store.

No complaints to date, it begins the Harley up.

I desired the lower size a dry cell following a turbo accessory for a Scion TC. Battery fits great and it has great turning energy. Regrettably that energy only lasts in regards to a year 🙁 I am on my small third one out of three years. I can not know if it is the warmth or strain from turning a 4cyl that killing it.

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Do not buy battery power from Amazon . com when you are getting a poor battery within a few days of setting up it. My new battery has become not worth not a paperweight. What a bit of sh..

I put this inside a 2007 Ocean doo GTI SE and delay pills work just like a champion!

You would like confidence inside your equipment when you’re available which battery certainly provides.