If you want batteries that will not give you problems then go for the AC Delco batteries which are the best brands that pass vigorous quality tests. The terminals do not rust and they have a big reservoir making the charge to last long. The battery is fully replaced even with no maintenance and limited warranty in case of any problem. The 6 series are very affordable with excellent performance index; it is worth your money.

AC Delco batteries reviews

Great! Should I be impressed and relieved? Yes. I bought two AC Delco batteries. From the information I got about lack of proper packaging or damages, I must admit that I was undecided because of my past problems with Amazon.com. With free shipping and affordable prices, I couldn’t just wait to seal the deal. The person doing shipping here had a clue about damaged and improper packaging, so mine was unexpectedly delivered in a very good condition by UPS.

Believe me the boxes were designed like tanks. All round the battery was an extra thick cardboard box that had the entire lining reinforced by use of corrugated cardboard. An excellent and wonderful job was done. Long live Amazon.com!! Imagine I ordered on Saturday and by Tuesday, the batteries were at my door steps with batteries being in a perfect condition.

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I did not expect the batteries to arrive that early but it did and the work is just unbelievable, it’s great!! Most of my friends use AC Delco so the chances of it arriving faster were high. Had it not been the cracks on the bottom of the battery because of the bad condition of the ship, I would have given a 5 star rating.

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The battery is very heavy and there is nothing to protect it after interference with the plastic that snaps on the bottom to prevent movements. Apart from this, I do not have any other complains.

This battery died after 6 months of normal use. True it is cheap. Was I to give zero stars? It is possible Amazon will neither stand behind this product nor accept returns. Unauthorized seller will not be given warranty by AC Delco. The battery was finally left off the listing. After reading this, you should learn a lesson to avoid losing $2. In my view, this is unacceptable business practice.

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My battery was delivered upside down in a good condition instead of the usual damages caused by shipping that people do complain about. Many auto batteries do not have this quality. I cleaned up the corroded battery terminals using an acid neutralizing spray after removing the original battery. On arrival of the new Acdelco battery I clamped it down by use of the original clamp and bolt.

This battery fitted into my 2003 VWGTI 1.8T without any modifications. It was wonderful. Do I have any more problems during bitter winter mornings? It is gone even if the price is higher than the other similar capacity batteries and the short warranty. 4 stars aren’t bad. All in all, I’m not complaining, I’m happy with what I bought.

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