If you are looking for most powerful, reliable and performing quality car batteries in the automotive industry, go for Varta batteries. These three factors are very basic in determining the quality of battery. Our philosophy on quality has made us become one of the best suppliers in the vehicle manufacturing industry.

Be it packaging, we are the best. We innovate and improve day by day because of our high quality standards and technological expertise. Our customers are guaranteed improved products that have high power and are very much reliable. Our competitors cannot be able to reach us, we are at the top. Generally we offer quality products for the market.

How do you choose the right Varta battery?

This depends on the intended use of the battery. A new car with so many electrical fittings has higher power consumption because of its modernized high technology compared to an older car that is small. Our products offer full satisfaction to our customers provided it is from our dynamic trio range; Varta, start stop or one of the batteries. Get tailor-made power for your car from Varta. Make a wise decision if you want guaranteed starting. Besides this, you will enjoy power reliability, durability and you will not have worries at all. The battery will never let you down.

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Varta battery reviews

The price at which Amazon offers this battery is very much affordable though it is cheaper if you purchase it locally. I’m one of the people with great experience with Varta batteries. The shipping is done with less protection that makes it to be damaged by the UPS men when the box is dropped. Mine had some parts smashed and this interfered with its performance. I only came to realize after a year’s use that the battery was damaged. I have decided to replace it with a Varta battery that I will buy locally.

My friend has a Varta battery that has lasted for 10 years but is still very strong. He managed to convince me though I bought one after one year that is now dead. Neither Varta nor interstate from where I bought it could give me a replacement. What was I to do next? Put my OEM battery back in. It had 300 less CCA, to my surprise my car turns over much faster compared to Varta. This is something I never witnessed with Varta.

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The battery was smaller in size so it could not fit in a 01 Subaru Legacy well though I just installed it. There were no damages, it arrived safely. Five years down the line, have had no problems with the different Varta batteries that I have used in my project car. As much as the batteries are costly, they are worth it. I will never fail to add any problem to the review if it was actually there. I did not see any problem.