I put this battery within my 1996 Mazda Miata. with a rear battery within the trunk along with a 1.8l in advance. The things i believe are M4 hardware employed for devices is small in my application nevertheless its something I needed to cope with after i place a small battery within my vehicle. I autocross the vehicle therefore the battery must be heald lower. Battery, box, and strap, along with a the wiring to turn it on to stock vehicle termimals considered in at 6.2 pounds. battery I got with mounting was 40.4 pounds. So worthwhile. vehicle has sitting for 4-five days without beginning and begins fine. also offers began and switched off 6 occasions inside an hour using the autocross runs.

2 frightening parts. if you notice battery its Small. it doesn’t seem like it might begin a vehicle. I hooked up away from the box and fired up. Also from time to time. im beginning to narrow it lower to following a short drive then a brief sit. like seeing a restaurant and getting dinner. I seem like it barely begins. you receive a slow crank that will get faster and faster after which it begins. It’s always began. overall its an excellent battery and Odyssey’s sticker has gained a just right my roll bar with flyin miata and boss frog racing.

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Journey batteries are merely amazing. I’ve installed this battery within my 1982 Suzuki Katana GS110SZ motorcycle. It’s a perfect easily fit in battery tray. Far better turning energy than the usual Yuasa. Actually, my bike wouldn’t begin with a Yuasa battery in near freezing temperature despite a 10W40 synthetic motor oil. Now, it cranks a lot faster the engine doesn’t have problem to begin, despite 1-2 several weeks without beginning it! Also, there’s no requirement for a vent line, that is a nice feature. Battery posts stay clean. No deposit whatsoever. And I am sure this battery can last for years to come, even when I barely make use of this motorcycle (600 miles annually).

If you are using your toys then you will have the best. I increased fed up with changing conventional lead acidity batteries every 1-couple of years. I’ve come across these choose 7-8 yrs within the same atmosphere. I am searching toward exactly the same. I purchased them for just two of my motorcycles, a BMW K1200GT along with a CBR600 F4i.

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Purchased battery on March 24, showed up a few days later, march 26th. Good packaging. Were built with a full charge. Works fine. Only factor concerning was the manufactured date. It had been annually old. In my experience, this is a large cope with battery power.