Duralast Gold batteries come with a powerful Nationwide Three-Year Free Replacement Warranty and the maximum starting power you need.

Completely calcium batteries, both serviced and without the ability to regulate the electrolyte level, are ideal for working on traveling cars – taxis, buses, etc. The engines have such stupid seldom, idle times, there are no deep discharges – Ca / Ca batteries in similar conditions are treated to the maximum

Duralast Gold is engineered to deliver the maximum Cold Cranking Amps and Reserve Capacity ratings to meet or exceed your vehicle’s original specifications. Even in extreme conditions, Duralast Gold is designed to give you the starting power you need, combined with robust construction for dependability and long life. Install it with confidence!

  • Maximum number of plates and grids to deliver the most power during start up
  • Specially designed paste to improve performance
  • Impact resistant polypropylene construction to reduce damage due to vibration
  • Best-in-class vent caps for safe operation


Battery Series:

“Duralast Gold”

The range of batteries is presented in 3 types:


Brand: Duralast


These batteries first went their way. Calcium was not used – reduced to 2.5-3% against the usual 10% antimony content. But quickly turned to the so-called “hybrid” technology that they mastered in America – the positive electrode was made of a low antimony alloy, negative with the use of calcium.


In addition to the designation of Ca / Ca on such batteries, you can find just – calcium




When the going gets tough – the tough get awesome | Duralast batteries are in it to win it