The Bosch S5 Car Battery is well suited for premium car segments including upper-class domestic, imported segments & vehicles with a high number of electrical consumers. The S5 Battery delivers dependable power in extreme temperatures & other high demand situations.



Storage batteries BOSCH S5 Silver Plus are created on the basis of the progressive “silver” technology BOSCH, thanks to which the maximum conductivity of the lattice is achieved, and its oxidation is excluded. As a result, high power levels were achieved. Also BOSCH S5 Silver Plus is characterized by an optimal ratio of resource and cost.

Taking into account the reliability of power supply, even with a large number of consumers included in the network, the BOSCH S5 Silver Plus batteries are successfully operated on any cars. Particularly excellent is the effect of the BOSCH S5 Silver Plus battery in conjunction with diesel engines, as the batteries of this series are ideal for cold starting of the engine. The internal capacity of the BOSCH S5 Silver Plus battery can be selected with a capacity of 52 – 110 Ah, which allows you to complete almost any car with this battery.

This battery “Bosch” is suitable for cars created by European technology and equipped with any, even a fairly powerful electrical system. This kind of battery repeats the technology S4, has a silver coating and improved gratings. The manufacturer, constantly improving the technical component of the batteries, allows you to experience the following advantages from the use of S5 Silver Plus batteries: extended service life by one third compared to standard similar batteries; low level of discharge; possibility of starting at the lowest possible temperatures; guarantee the uninterrupted operation of all electrical appliances; an excellent mode of work in conditions of movement around the city; an increased level of starting energy by thirty percent; increased wear resistance, presence of anti-corrosion coating; increased safety due to the system of protection against fire; all battery characteristics are increased; increased thickness of plates; fast charging; easy to transport and install. Battery capacity is 52-110 A / h. The starting capacity is 610-920 amperes.

– Cold start current is increased by 30%. Even in extremely cold temperatures, the Bosch S5 battery provides a reliable start to the engine.

– Reliable power supply for the most complete car. Your security system, be it ESP or ABS, and comfort functions will run smoothly.

– Minimum self-discharge and firmness when working in the urban cycle.

Battery Series:

“S5” (Bosch S5)

This series of car batteries is designed for installation on modern cars of all brands with gasoline and diesel engines, as well as for cars operating in difficult operating conditions.

The main program of Bosch includes 26 types, while providing market coverage of more than 95%.

The program High Performance (Diesel) includes seven types. Each of them has an improved performance and increased cold start current. Batteries Bosch Diesel, or their other name Bosch High Performance have a function of monitoring the status of charging, called Power Control System. The driver can find out the level of charging the battery on the battery cover thanks to the installed indicators.

Brand: Robert Bosch GmbH


Batteries automotive Bosch s5 is manufactured using the so-called “silver” technology PowerFrame. The use of this technology makes it possible to achieve large electrical conductivity in the lattices of the battery plates, and to exclude their oxidation. As a result, it is possible to obtain high electrical parameters.

The use of PowerFrame technology has made it possible to improve almost all performance indicators of batteries. Technology PowerFrame allowed to increase the starting capacity of batteries, reduce the self-discharge of batteries and increase the time of their operation.

In English, Power means energy, power, strength. Frame – a frame, a lattice. The phrase PowerFrame to the maximum extent reflects the essence of a unique technology that can significantly increase the capacity of the battery. Due to the fundamentally new design of the battery grate, the battery operates with the lowest current resistance and ensures optimum conductivity of the electric power. In addition, the most vulnerable places of the PowerFrame grid are reinforced by special elements that provide absolute reliability and long battery life.

The PowerFrame grate, manufactured by stamping, has several advantages:

Stable grill frame

Prevents the lattice buildup and corrosion at the edges, and as a result – damage to the separator or short circuit due to the contact of the grid with the negative plate.

Stamped grating

A stable and precisely manufactured structure provides excellent grip of the active mass with the grate and allows for fast and low-resistance charging and discharging of the battery. Unlike traditional gratings, there is no brittleness due to mechanical deformation during manufacturing.

Optimal lattice structure

In the places of the greatest electrical load, more lead is applied: the grate is more durable and resistant to corrosion.

Optimized lattice shape

Due to the improved shape, current-carrying lattice cells are oriented directly to the central contact of the plate. Due to the lower resistance, an improved conductivity is obtained and the current passes the shortest distance to the consumer.


Any battery should be checked with a voltmeter, and use a special charger if the voltage has dropped, check the density of the electrolyte and, if necessary, add the liquid to the battery.


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