EverStart Plus provides dependable starting and reserve power in all weather conditions. Designed with a state-of-the-art maintenance free technology and a precision-focused manufacturing process that delivers the long life and high performance you can expect from the EverStart brand. EverStart Plus Batteries are precision crafted to deliver an optimal balance of life, power and durability.


Everstart Plus – completely unattended batteries, are characterized by high reliability and durability, as well as high starting currents, which makes them ideal for operation in conditions close to extreme.

AGM technology (Absorbed Glass Mat) assumes that the electrolyte in the battery case is not in free liquid or gel-like form, but is absorbed in a highly porous fiber glass fiber separator, tightly pressed to the plates (while the electrolyte itself is liquid). As a result, a high degree of contact between the electrolyte and the active mass of the plates is achieved and, as a result, the self-resistance of the battery decreases.

Everstart Plus-batteries have absolutely unique operational properties:

  1. Everstart Plus-batteries can withstand 3-4 times more discharge-charge cycles than conventional lead-acid starter batteries.
  2. Everstart Plus batteries are capable of withstanding deeper discharges: if conventional lead-acid starter batteries can be discharged by 10-15% without causing irreversible damage, then Everstart Plus-batteries – by 25-30%. This means that Everstart Plus-batteries without the participation of the generator are able to supply more power-intensive vehicle systems with power.
  3. Everstart Plus-batteries take a charge two to three times faster, i.e. after discharge, they are more quickly charged up to 100%. As a consequence, it is possible to avoid long-term storage of the battery in a state of low charge, which is extremely detrimental to lead-acid batteries.

Battery Series:

“Everstart Plus”

The EverStart battery Plus has a minimum warranty period of 2 years while the EverStart Maxx has an extended lasting warranty of 5 years.

The range of batteries is presented in 4 types:


Brand: Everstart


EverStart Plus consists of several cans, connected in series. EverStart Plus is completely sealed.  The sealed body with a gel-like electrolyte does not communicate with the atmosphere, maintaining an internal ratio of the gas content in it. Therefore, on such batteries there are no ventilation holes or plugs, as in conventional ones, which must be opened when recharging, so that the electrolyte vapors come out. The hole is still there, but it is a self-sealing valve that regulates the internal pressure inside the battery case. Plates are made of special purified lead, which has a low resistance. This gives the main advantage to this type of battery – fast charge and good current return.

Directly the gel itself is the same electrolyte in which silicon dioxide is added, which gives it a consistency of thick jelly.

• Dual Terminals – Both side post’s and top post’s
• Dependable starting and reserve power
• Power-Perform™ plates with full-frames delivers top quality performance
• Fortified posts, straps, and welds resist vibration damage, maximize current transfer
• Flush cover design enhances overall battery performance, maintenance, safety, and convenience


As already mentioned, the recharge can destroy such a battery in a few months. To protect against this trouble, you can put a special voltmeter with a relay. It will monitor the value of the charging current. It is necessary to take care of the battery warming in winter.




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