There is no wet or get cell lead acid battery that can be compared with Optima batteries for their efficiency and resilience.

But Amazon is not an official Optima dealer, so making a purchase through Amazon is not recommended. You can replace a malfunctioned Optima 8022-091 battery with new one only through an official Optima dealer through which you purchased the battery.

It is best to purchase Optima batteries at local auto parts store Optima official dealer because of the following reasons:

  1. If you need to replace the battery using warranty, a simple exchange is required.
  2. There is no need to wait and worry about shipping damage. While an Optima battery is very strong but when it is delivered in a fragile cardboard box with all the tossing, turning and accidental drops, the battery’s heavy weight can break and crack its place cover and the internal attachments.
  3. The battery can be inspected for any damage that it came with. You can tell whether a battery has been mishandled simply by checking missing fingers near the vent covers.
  4. You can make sure the voltage is right for your requirement before you take the new battery home.

This product lasts long. It is best to buy it through a store chain if you think you will have to move from your place within three years. Also keep your receipt safely with you in case you need to replace it in future.
If you really want to buy the battery though online retailers, it is best to buy the product from Optima website only. This will allow Optima to directly contact you and will give you a replacement in future. On the other hand, all warranty cases are solved through the official dealers through which you purchased the Optima battery.