The S3 Battery is an economical solution for older cars with less electrical equipment.

BOSCH S3 – is the optimal combination of power, rational capacity and high reliability. The battery pack of this series is an affordable and effective solution to the problem of power supply to the car and complete absence of problems when starting the engine. The nominal capacity of this type of battery varies between 41 – 90 Ah.


The Bosch S3 battery is perfect for cars that do not have a lot of extra equipment. The Bosch S3 battery ensures trouble-free operation of the machine’s systems in all conditions.

And yet they say in vain that cheap is not good. Take, for example, the batteries BOSCH S3. They are inexpensive, and with the function they cope on “excellent”. However, this option is not suitable for everyone, but about this further.

So, are you looking for an affordable but modern battery? For what car? If we are talking about a car with a small number of electricity consumers, pay attention to the BOSCH S3 SILVER. They are difficult to call innovative, as they do not use the technology of bound electrolytes, and the design itself is traditional. However, an important difference between these batteries from their price “classmates” or competitors is the presence of silver alloying. This is the process that accompanies the production of electrodes, so that the BOSCH S3 SILVER batteries acquire a number of significant advantages:

  • First, they are durable. For comparison: if the usual lead-acid power source for the machine is 2-3 years old, the BOSCH S3 is able to please its owners with an unblemished start-up of the engine in any weather for at least 4 years. As practice shows, often the life of such batteries is 5 and even 7 years.
  • Secondly, BOSCH S3 – universal series. These are batteries that are equally well installed on new machines of small and middle class, and also suitable for used cars of various types. In addition to cars, they can also be installed on minibuses.
  • Thirdly, due to silver doping, it was possible to increase the power of the cold-rolling current and, as a consequence, the reliability of starting the engine in the winter.

And one more argument in favor of BOSCH S3 batteries. They are produced in many countries of the world, and in their quality characteristics fully comply with strict European requirements.

Battery Series:

“S3” (Bosch S3)

Total under this brand is produced 12 models of batteries.

Finally, we note a huge choice of capacitive characteristics, allowing you to pick up a car battery for almost any car small, medium class and commercial vehicles. Thus, the range of BOSCH products of this series includes batteries from 41 to 90 A / h.

Brand: Robert Bosch GmbH


In the manufacture of batteries, the technology of Ca / Ca is used with simultaneous alloying with silver. The technology allows to make the batteries more reliable and decently increase the service time. And this technology is less harmful than antimony technology.

The battery case is made of high quality plastic with good anti-damage and frost-resistant properties.

The terminals of the Bosch S3 batteries are protected by special caps, and the plugs are protected by a special panel. For carrying batteries, pens are provided.

Car batteries BOSCH S3 have both direct and reverse polarity.


Installing the batteries BOSCH S3 makes sense when the battery is required to provide a minimum amount of additional equipment and a stable start in all weather conditions.

Before buying a lead battery, you can look at the table with the weight of the battery and its corresponding capacity.

The weight of the battery will be virtually unmistakable to show the actual capacity of the battery. And the manager’s tricks and stickers about capacity can not be ignored, just buy a battery of the right mass and size.


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