I’m now on my small third Journey battery. The very first survived 3-four years and so i bought another. The 2nd survived 2.five years so when I contact Journey to ask about why the lifespan was reduced from these one I had been given a lot of reasons regarding the way i had messed up the battery’s existence by not keeping it up, not driving the vehicle enough, not getting the right alternator (seriously?) etc.

I gave in and bought another battery from their store just 9 several weeks ago AND bought a $240 Journey/EnerSys charger to ensure that I’d no more be considered a ‘bad battery owner’. Well, the actual 9 several weeks later having a dead battery their charger states must be checked and won’t charge.

Upon getting in touch with them, explaining which i drive the vehicle very rarely and therefore getting the charger connected virtually 95% of times, this is what they stated:

‘Yes, battery is dead. Actually, it’s over-released at under 10.0V and so the warranty is void per the attached Journey warranty for the reference.’

Then they provided to let me return battery to have an ‘autopsy’ and when they determined it had been a defect they’d change it however, otherwise, they’d simply keep your battery and hard luck in my experience.

So, between your battery and charger I spent directly on $500 (not counting these battery purchases from their store), plus they appear to become interested in being right and looking after their moral high ground compared to maintenance their clients.

I’ll be buying an Optima or any other similar battery to exchange that one and will not ever consider another Journey/Enersys product later on.

I’ve Journey Batteries in many of my other cars, then when we purchased a new Z06, I started to consider an Journey for your, however when I checked out the catalog around the Journey site, I saw the Journey Battery which inserts within the rear battery compartment of the C6 Z06 isn’t a precise fit which the ‘…. vehicle battery restraint(s) may need modification.’

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I additionally noted that the length of the Journey Battery (PN PC1200MJ) recommended to be used in C6 Z06 were somewhat more compact compared to stock battery which the CCA rating from the Journey was slightly less, 590 versus 550. I approached individuals at EnerSys, the producer from the Journey brand, and it was told the alteration towards the battery hold lower, if required could be minor. I additionally requested concerning the vent hose which connects to some stock battery to hold away battery fumes. This motivated an answer from Kalyan Jana, Product Manager of AGM Items for EnerSys, the organization which manufactures and marketplaces Journey batteries. He explained, ‘Odyssey batteries don’t require a ventilation system and then the PC1200MJT doesn’t have an association for that hose. As lengthy because the battery isn’t set up in a gastight enclosure no special ventilation plans are essential for just about any Journey battery.’

A primary reason I have become keen on the Journey Battery is its high pulse turning current output. in a nutshell, ‘pulse turning output’ is totally different from ‘cold turning amps’ (CCA) and is an extremely high current draw for a while as the engine is cranked throughout the beginning sequence. Pulse turning is generally understood to be lasting five seconds. The LS7 inside a Z06 includes a high compression ratio for any production engine and also the battery is at the back of the vehicle, in the finish of the lengthy cable run.

I installed an enclosed Optima Red-colored Top 35-910 within my vehicle. The Optima unsuccessful, was changed under warranty, and so the alternative unsuccessful, too. The Optimas did poorly in cold temperature and wouldn’t hold a recharge.

I bought an Journey PC1200MJT since i require a more reliable sealed battery.

The Journey is simply a little more compact in overall size compared to Optima, but apparently has more total plate size because of its conventional configuration.

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The Journey has been doing well to date, but it’s the nice and cozy season, and so i cannot talk to cold temperature performance.

However, the specs for that Journey are fantastic. It’s stated to simply accept 100s of charges with no problem (deep cycle), and also to handle cold conditions very well.

Regarding the acquisition experience, this is actually the very first time after numerous years of excellent service that I’ve been disappointed with Amazon . com.

The Journey qualified free of charge Shipping, however i needed it earlier than the normal five to seven days, and so i compensated yet another $27.00 for expedited shipping. My order clearly mentioned the entire cost including expedited shipping, but UPS demonstrated 7 day shipping anyway! I’m not sure if the was the effect of a technical error or what, however i approached Amazon . com immediately. Amazon . com didn’t do anything to fix the issue and wouldn’t refund the extra shipping fee! Delivery required a complete week.

As Amazon . com has shown hard to rely on, I’ll look elsewhere before buying to any extent further.

Not had the capacity to check the battery’s performance beyond a few begins, but when it comes to fitting the vehicle it had been designed to appropriate for (a 2010 Hyundai Veracruz Ltd) it had been a substantial disappointment.

Although the negative pole connected fine, the positive pole was too small for that, of course complex Hyundai connector, departing it floating wide. It needed the connector to to become completely taken apart and ‘bastardised’ with mole grips, put back together after which connected.

Not the finish around the globe, although not things i expected when Amazon . com let me know it’s a fit in my vehicle, it provides me little confidence within the Amazon . com spares buying process.