For individuals that do not require it, then you definitely most likely don’t have to spend the cash. But when you’ll need a dry battery, this is actually the one. It may sit for approximately 24 months without needing to charge it and without going bad. It may handle the most heavy off-roading you are able to throw in internet marketing without damage. And contains more reserve energy than nearly any wet cell battery there’s…this factor goes forever. Don’t drive your vehicle alot?, do serious off-roading?, or simply need a lot of energy for top-finish stereo systems, etc? ..then have this battery and you will never have trouble again.

I’ve been a person of Journey batteries for quite some time now, with (almost) positive results. Most likely the very best automotive AGM batteries available, lengthy resided with high quality construction. However, I’d the misfortune of getting certainly one of my batteries (this PC1230DT) fail all of a sudden in only under 2 yrs. These batteries, much like just about any AGM batteries offered via Amazon . com, aren’t returnable, even withing the 30-day return window, because of them being considered hazardous material. Any warranty-related issues you may have will have to be come to your regional approved sellers (per Journey/Enersys warranty terms) that handle Journey items. Within my situation, there have been three relatively local clothes that qualified. However, none of those sellers would recognition any kind of warranty claims due to the fact I did not initially buy the battery from their store. I’m presently tied to a forty pound paperweight.

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I needed to perform a large amount of research ensuring this battery was a precise alternative size towards the original because it suits an aura cooled battery box. An ideal fit in my ’09 Chevrolet Colorado.

I am expecting excellent achievements using this battery, I have a similar battery key in a classic Jeep and it is 12 years of age on and on strong.

The corporation is very fast on service, I purchased this battery on the Saturday mid-day it had been shipped that following Monday soon after noontime, I elected for that free delivery option.

As always Amazon . com as well as their suppliers perform a congrats within the customer care dept.

Battery unsuccessful soon after setting up and journey overlooked me after 5 attempts at warranty alternative, I’m out $300 and battery is junk. Never purchase this item as the organization is really a scam

I put this battery within my wife’s 2007 Chevrolet Aveo LT.

Why did I spend $300 for any battery? Listed here are my reasons:

A.) Irrrve never want her to possess a dead battery and become stuck somewhere using the kids. With this particular, even when among the doorways is not shut completely and also the interior light stays on, she should finally stand chance the vehicle will still start (despite what some have explained… investors).

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B.) Lifespan from the battery. I’ve heard these men lasts 10+ years. Wow.

Used to do some investigation around the Optima and also the Journey and returned with mixed reviews around the Optima. Most stated once they (Optimas) were created in america, these were great. Now Optima has moved production to Mexico (refer to it as ‘maximization of profits!’) and consequently, the standard has dropped somewhat. The Journey is created with a company known as Enersys, which produces batteries for aircraft and military programs. Clearly, we have seen which battery is the foremost of these two. Enough stated.

However, the different options are as much as two times the quantity of $$ to have an Journey Battery as compared to the Optima.

I’ve only had this battery within the vehicle for 3 several weeks. The only real complaint I’ve would be that the label on top of battery comes with an air bubble beneath it, however, this might have something related to the car’s battery fastener (over-stiffened, maybe?).

BUT, four days ago, I left a cornerOrdecklid open around the vehicle (with a light within the shoe). It was

open for each little bit of 9-10 hrs, through the night lengthy and in to the morning. Available, illuminated the entire while. I cringed after i observed it the following morning going to work.

Obviously, the vehicle cranked right over, battery had FULL energy from the evening of illuminating a corner.