Be aware if you purchase this battery on-line, the warranty service is actually a problem. indicate you spend the premium and buy from auto parts store, to ensure that you are able to send it back there should there be an assurance problem. edit update. I desired to proceed and take battery to have an Interstate Battery service center(they manufactured my battery). it had been after advanced auto store described battery was bad. the Interstate battery service center mentioned that advanced auto didn’t learn how to make certain charge this battery. left battery with Interstate for any couple of days. they’d charged battery and mentioned it absolutely was fine. reinstalled inside my vehicle, after setting for less than each week, vehicle wouldn’t start. I then made purchasing advanced auto stores equivalent battery for the optima, really must specs. installed battery and three several days later, works excellent, despite using vehicle for just two days without needing to be started. and so i am the $160 I taken proper care of the optima battery, plus plenty of wasted time. I’m convinced the optima battery I’d was defective. the warranty is almost useless when buying online.

Getting made the mistake of purchasing an ordinary non-sealed battery alternative within my Delco freedom and suffering the corrosion boilover problems because of it, I finally wised up and purchased the optima as it is furthermore an enclosed battery design and for your reason no corrosion problems. Up to now so excellent, however whether or not this lasts over nine years I’ll put the optima inside the same league as my two past Delco freedom batteries.

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Put one of these brilliant red-colored-colored tops inside my old truck plus it was going strong once i offered it 6 years later

A perfect fit for your make/model vehicle. This really is really the next Optima battery I have bought which one is ideal for my current vehicle. The initial was for just about any pickup that often sitting for many days unused plus it never not successful despite in the car near 10 years when the pickup was offered. Offer one inch my newer pickup that’s parked outdoors and then try to thrilled even when 25 below zero as well as the wind chill is finished 40 below zero. Nobody comprises a much better battery IMHO.

Battery is strictly as promoted, it absolutely was fully charged from the box. Easy install which i’m able to already differentiate. I’m searching to obtain a long time + by using this battery. The top reserve capacity is fantastic for running r / c together with other add-ons because the engine is off.

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Best cost found anywhere with free postage! Careful packing and fast shipping! Capacity in the batteries is excellent. My truck uses Two batters, the combined energy in the the two new Optima batteries was similar to three of my old conventional batteries. The incorporated appropriate battery hold lower adaptors that incorporated the batteries were the best ones within my application, and so the alternative in the batteries will be a snap, no problems whatsoever.

The Optimas are excellent batteries for correct proper care of them properly! I suggest battery energy charger that’s in a position to routinely reconditioning battery. I take advantage of a ‘CTEK Multi US 7002’ while using ‘CTEK 93-56-382 Black Comfort Indicator’. By doing this I realize instantly when the battery may use somewhat charging love as well as the charger just plugs together with ease. Getting these batteries shipped to my doorstep was great!

Overpriced. Initially bought because it was suppose to deal with warmth better (not the situation). First got it June 2008 required to change it out May 2010 (under 24 several weeks). The choice just died on me August 2011 and so the alternative only made it 14 several days.