This battery Amazon . com stated would fit my motorcycle but because of the MJ (Metal Jacket found what this represented if this ended up being to late) it had been somewhat wide. Just like past products I’ve bought from Amazon . com I immediately found try to give it back…cannot because of hazardous material. After a little careful cutting I could take away the metal jacket(held on by plastic) also it fits perfectly.

There’s no problem with this particular battery I’ve got some bad advise. I’d buy Journey and recommend to some friend.

This specific Journey battery has been utilized in a transportable AC energy unit to supply Superfluity, a Lick Rock-band, with energy for his or her Carvin portable system. It discharges predictably and recharges quickly. It’s lighter for that capacity than its predecessor. The all position zero leak capacity is appreciated because it enables an enclosed unit. Great battery, Amazon . com includes a great cost Shipped.

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