I was not very comfortable with buying a car battery through internet but the local stores were charging almost twice as much as what was available on Amazon, so I decided to go for it. The battery was shipped almost instantly in a professional packing.

Optima 8042 was not at all damaged and was completely charged when it arrived. The battery fitted the car immediately. After almost a month of use, the battery still looks new and is not giving any trouble.

I needed a battery for my Silverado 4×4 truck, so I decided to purchase this one. The truck has a huge Alpine stereo system with two amps and two 12 inch subs located under the back seat. Not only this, the truck has an electrical fan too. Due to the use, my old battery would give away after every two weeks.

But the new Optima Yellow top battery works remarkably. Now I do not have to change the battery every now and then.

The Optima 8042 battery was delivered in a cardboard box having holes on the sides used as handles. There was an extension at the bottom to protect the battery if it was accidentally dropped. After the warnings in the reviews, I indicated on my door that delivery man must ring the bell and wait for me to pick the delivery so that I could check its condition.

When it was delivered, I was a little surprised because no signatures were required. I have no idea whether they would have taken it back if I refused to accept it. Anyway, the package was delivered in a good condition. The battery was good too and it is working very well. This is not the first time I have bought Optima. I will be glad if it works like its previous model.

But I observed that even when the item is sold by Amazon, the retailer notifies of no returns. I certainly do not remember such a notification on the last purchase. This new battery gives a three year replacement warranty. I really don’t know how will warranty work when Amazon notifies of no returns. I thought that Amazon was an official dealer for items sold and provided by Amazon. I will definitely tell you this mystery as soon as I am able to contact support through the complicated Amazon help system.