I researched all over the internet and decided on Amazon because they were giving the Optima 8020 for the lowest price deal. But I was concerned after reading a number of customer reviews warning about the battery delivered in a damaged condition. But when I bought the battery, it was delivered very professionally. It was in the official Optima box with styro-foam protectors around the battery.

The packing box was quality thick cardboard. Also, the UPS delivered the battery without any dents or any hints of accidental drops or mishandling. The most impressive thing was that the battery was a new and fresh piece as the date of manufacture provided it was made in the same month. I am very happy to purchase this battery. I checked the DVM when the battery was delivered and its voltage rating was 12.8 VDC. I quickly placed it in the car and car was zooming instantly!

I did not purchase this battery from Amazon because an auto parts store nearby was giving it at the same price. I actually didn’t want to wait for delivery or deal with all the complicated warranty issues in case I needed replacement in future. There are many customer reviews telling that Amazon does not give warranty to this battery.

It is conceivable because Amazon is not an official Optima dealer, although they do declare that they will respect the Optima’s warranty. You can check it by clicking on “Warranty Information”. Then check the details about warranty support for Optima battery. You can do this on product’s page provided under “product features”. From here you will be redirected to Warranty Information Page.

Simply browse the page to find “Automotive Items with a Published Manufacturer’s Warranty”. It provides that: “If you have purchased an automotive item shipped from and sold by Amazon.com, Amazon will directly honor the manufacturer’s published warranty.” Optima provides 36 months of warranty on this battery.

About the Optima 8020 performance, it will take time to see its efficiency and durability. I will give updates if any problem comes up. This battery is smaller and lighter in weight than the old Napa battery I had. Though, it has much better specs. I do not have to experience leaking acid on battery tray after buying this battery.