Basic Performance for Cars Built Before 2000

For cars with lower power needs that are built before 2000, we recommend the VARTA® Black Dynamic – a trustworthy and maintenance-free choice that offers good value for money. Of course, you can rely on our latest technology and long-term performance as usual. So, choose the VARTA Black Dynamic and see for yourself.

Made for Cars with Basic Power Needs

  • Made for older vehicles built before 2000
  • Maintenance-free battery
  • Available in 13 models of varying capacity, CCA and size
  • Recyclable and produced in an energy-saving way


  • Car batteries VARTA BLACK DYNAMIC have an excellent balance between price and quality.

Batteries Varta Black Dynamic is trustworthy, and provide quality at an affordable price.

Batteries of this series can give a large starter current, reliable and powerful enough.

  • The extended battery life of this series is achieved through the use of PowerFrame technology.

PowerFrame is a special technology for producing gratings for battery plates. Lattices in this technology are manufactured by rolling metal strips, from which gratings are subsequently stamped. This technology, in addition to improving the quality of the plates, makes it possible to increase the capacity of the battery.

Battery Series:

“Varta Black Dynamic”

A series of BLACK dynamic accumulators is presented in 13 kinds of “B” (18, 31, 34, 32), “D” (43, 24, 47, 48, 59), “E” (24, 12), “E” (13), “G” “(7, 8).

Blue Dynamic is the most common, its 23 types cover capacities up to 95 Ah. The batteries of this series are suitable for 95% of cars on the market.

Batteries should always be replaced with the equivalent battery to meet the car´s needs. For better performance upgrade within our conventional range to VARTA Silver Dynamic or VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM.

Brand: Varta


Plates of BLACK dynamic batteries have a special coating on both sides and a porous surface, thereby increasing the charge return.

Electrode and lattice plates have the radiation structure of the metal. This structure of the metal provides an improved conductivity of the energy, which makes it possible to obtain a powerful current at the start of the engine. And as a consequence, it affects the speed of starting the engine.

In the BLACK dynamic batteries, the plate gratings are made of an alloy of several ingredients (and silver, among others).

The separators for these pocket-type batteries are made of a special material with a microporous structure. This allows you to extend the battery life.

Built-in special labyrinth cover “flame arresters” provide protection during operation, and using the proprietary technology PowerFrame allows you to extend the life of the device.


Batteries should always be replaced with the equivalent battery to meet the car´s needs. For better performance upgrade with VARTA Blue Dynamic.


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