I installed this battery inside my 2005 Toyota Prius using the adapter package from E-learnaid after my OEM battery died. Aside from costing $75 underneath the car dealership battery it provides a greater capacity and could handle the periodic deep discharge once i ‘forget’ to demonstrate one of the interior lights.

Battery was well packed in the heavy pressboard box and turned up inside a few occasions of my order. It needed about 1 hour to switch because you will find several components in the way that must be removed. I recommend this battery to anyone who must replace their stock Prius battery.

A purchase turned up very quickly as well as the fit was well suited for my 05 Prius. My original battery had been working, nevertheless it was 5 years old which i didn’t require it attempt me. I looked into the most effective alternative battery and situated that certain. These batteries are ideal for cars fitted while using smartkey feature. Alternative was reasonable getting a few metric hands tools. I desired to buy battery energy cable package($15.00) to refit the Optima battery, the publish round the factory tend to be compact. I used to be extremely pleased by having an order and delivery process.

This review isn’t a lot in regards to the battery but a little more about the simplicity ordering, the price as well as the quickness in delivery. I came across my Honda S2000 getting a failing factory battery. I made a decision to find the optima essentially will discover it inside a good cost. In your town the expense counseled me more than ordering from Amazon. Furthermore, it qualified totally free shipping without any tax to handle. Overall a great have a very vehicle battery shipped to my door.Optima Batteries 8071-167 D51 YellowTop Combination Battery

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Attempted around the extender to switch battery inside my 2001 toyota prius, works well and contains much greater cap. in comparison to stock battery did. Needed different plugs for your battery products difficult to get.

I bought the Optima battery to switch the first 12-volt battery for just about any 2005 Prius. A purchase was shipped as guaranteed at an expense substantially within Toyota alternative battery. The Optima by design having its deep-cycle characteristics needs to be well-suitable for used in the Prius where the 12-volt battery may be used to keep your on-board computer and add-ons rather than to start the automobile. Caution: if you buy this battery for just about any Prius, you’ll have to switch battery publish clamps to match the Optima. A bundle might be acquired at for roughly $15.00.

There comes an occasion when the thing is that turning the ignition key forget about launches the starter eagerly into action, but instead it responds like asking your lover to obtain the rubbish, it’ll have completed while not without any costly of pained grimaces together with a lethargic shuffle with shoulders stooped plus an air of martyrdom. There’s still some juice left inside however, you realize its past it’s blossom of youth. Should you will not wish to finish up pestering passers-by along with your jumper cables in hands one cold morning or waiting for the triple-A guy to look several hours later to acquire mobile again, you understand you are prepared to replace your battery. Optima batteries have a very status since the Clidesdales in the battery world, found in programs where reliability and extra energy are crucial, i.e., an automobile with many different amplifiers inside the sound system or extra fog lights or possibly a energy winch. (just like Vehicle or Jeep) Something connected to using 100% copper inside the plates which are wound concentrically instead of organized in the sandwich-like energy power grid, which reinforces the region of uncovered copper. (Thus the round cylinders visible inside their body.) My vehicle features a tight, high compression fancy car engine and dwelling inside a warm climate means the ac is engaged also constantly putting more strain for your battery to tug at start-up. Once I push the start button now, my vehicle literally button button snaps into action in the nanosecond, there is lots extra energy reserve. The size may also be smaller sized in comparison to OEM battery so there’s room inside the engine bay to awesome lower the ventilation under there. All I’ve read and my own, personal experience, I suggest this to switch your OEM battery. For your better half, you will need to work things out or produce less garbage.

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What else should you know? The price shipped is leaner than elsewhere to get the best battery available. The packing may have been better, though. Something this heavy will destroy a box otherwise packed properly, as well as the box was pretty pummelled once i first first got it because there’s not nearly enough padding inside, enabling the merchandise to alter around a lot of and tear within the box.

Mine crapped out after 15 several days. And Amazon . com . com when contacted keeps telling anyone to contact the producer, a lot more fact the manufacturer’s website places all responsibility to handle return round the ‘reputable online retailer’ – but possibly reliable might be the issue?