I have been running this battery for more than four years inside a cold climate within my Subaru WRX (2. L flat 4) without problem. The starter has began to seem just a little weak on cooler morning, though and so i just acquired a replacement.

One factor to notice, this battery doesn’t include the posts (devices) within the picture. Shame for you Amazon . com. Show an image of the items you sell. The posts are for sale to around $10. Also, battery cost less in the website I purchased the very first PC680 from, […]. I ought to have checked there first. I’d have saved over $10.

Well my PC680 finally died. It’s 10.five years old. You are able to most likely tell what I am going to replace it all with…

Great experience of cold temperature with heavy electrical loads. I’ve it placed on a BMW R1150GSA. Observe that battery doesn’t include any hardware to hook up with the terminal. You’ll need screws and/or even the terminal plugs. I bought the L brackets in my install.

The threaded holes on the top are more compact than usual vehicle batteries. If you wish to turn it on to vehicle which has battery cables using the normal publish type clamps, make sure to order the brass posts proven using the unit. The posts they offer in the auto stores possess a bigger bolt connector and wont fit.

Excellent product rich in turning amplifiers. Set up in my BMW K1200GT, changing the OEM Gel-cell for considerably less cash. Battery is a touch more compact needing a few shims to make certain it does not move about or come loose, otherwise it’s a perfect alternative battery in my bike. Also bought the SAE Devices creating simpler connections despite the fact that battery came with the proper position devices others were not impressed with not receiving withe their battery. Journey PC680-P Battery Bought battery for $116 through Amazon . com Prime with free delivery coupled with it in 2 days. The devices were a good extra $10.00. Brass SAE Automotive Battery Terminal Looking for Hawker Journey Batteries.

I have tried personally these batteries for a long time. They’re as strong like a regular battery, yet much more compact and lighter. The majority of the poor reviews here switch on the truth that devices are extra – that we understand. Allow me to be obvious – you won’t be disappointed using the actual battery.

Alternative for that standard flooded cell, lead-acidity battery within my BMW R1150GS. The boxer beginning circuit needs a hot battery for beginning in cold temperature, particularly if the BMW is ABS outfitted. This battery is on its fourth year now. OCV continues to be 12.8 volts and also the battery never needs charging. The BMW continues to be left unused for just two several weeks, no charger and begins immediately. This battery is the greatest alternative for that OE battery specifically for our prime current beginning lots of the BMW boxer motorcycle.

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Was great initially but all of a sudden Died after 9 ,several weeks within my builder lawn tractor. I’ve been utilizing a completely new Yuasa charger bought due to this battery.. Worst factor is you can not give it back to Amazon . com.. they’re not going to go back!




Second review:

Odyssey PC680-P Battery is the best car battery because of it has a rugged construction, which is designed powerfully enabling it to take constant pounding whether in territories such as on land, snow or sea.

Battery is one of the most important parts of any vehicle. Without the battery, no matter how much someone assures you that it can run so fast, that will still not be made. It can be said that the battery installed in a vehicle is its source of life, which is in the form of power. If the battery is not in good condition, the person will still not be able to use, which is really an inconvenience especially if going to work is located somewhere afar.

Whether the battery of the car is not functioning or is not in good condition, there is a possibility that the driver and his company may be stranded somewhere. The only way that this event can be prevented is if the person will look for the best car battery that he can install in his car. In order to guarantee that your car will not stop in a place where help is hard to find, you must invest in a car battery that you are assured will always function at its best no matter what the weather condition is. It is the best car battery that is providing that assurance is the Odyssey PC680-P Battery.

Who Could Buy this Product?

Odyssey PC680-P Battery is the best car battery that you can install in any type of Powersports vehicles. This is car battery is ideal to be used by those persons who own Powersports including ATVs, ultralight aircraft, personal watercraft, Gyrocopter aircraft, and snowmobiles.

Product Description

Odyssey PC680-P Battery is the best car battery because of it has a rugged construction, which is designed powerfully enabling it to take constant pounding whether in territories such as on land, snow or sea. No matter what type of territory it is, you are guaranteed that this car battery will be able to handle it. Odyssey PC680-P Battery is packed tightly in a lead plate, which is guaranteed to be pure. The battery is also designed in a non-spill AGM, which serves as a protection of the battery against vibration and shock. The construction of the battery is comprised of virgin lead plates, which is purely made, for the purpose of optimizing the recycling ability of the battery and maximizing its surface area.

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Product Features

  • This is the best car battery because it is using CCA or the Cold Crank Amp.
  • Odyssey PC680-P Battery is guaranteed to have a long service life.
  • It is featuring a longer life cycle, which is 70% longer compared to other conventional types of car batteries.
  • It also has a faster recharge feature, which is considered as one that has the highest efficiency of recharging among all the lead battery available in the market. This is considered as the best car battery because of it capability to recharge within 4 to 6 hours.
  • Its vibration resistance feature is designed in a way that will strengthen the battery’s protection against mechanical vibration and high-impact shock.


Odyssey PC680-P Battery has a lot of advantages compared to other types and brands of batteries, thus making it as the best car battery that one can purchase and install not only in his car but also in other Powersports. With its rugged construction, the user no longer have to worry about getting the battery damaged and getting them stranded since it is very much capable of handling the impact of constant pounding. The battery is packed in pure lead plates, which only meant that it can provide twice the power that other batteries can provide. It is also featuring a robust connections and safety-relieve valve in every cell which is beneficial in preventing vibration damage.

Odyssey PC680-P Battery is the best battery because it is not only providing enough power that will enable the user to run the car but also enable the consumer to save time, aggravation and money. This battery is also tolerant in extreme temperature.


The only issue reported about Odyssey PC680-P Battery is it does not have any terminals, which can easily be resolved by purchasing on some online stores that are selling this.

Customer Car Battery Reviews and Scores

Out of the total of 63 individuals who rated and gave a review of Odyssey PC680-P Battery, 48 of the customers have given Odyssey PC680-P Battery rate of 5 stars. 6 customers gave the product a 4 star rate. Odyssey PC680-P Battery earned a total rate of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars. As what one of the consumers has said, this batter is a great battery since it lets them save weight and room.


Odyssey PC680-P Battery is the best car battery because, like other regular batteries this battery is also strong, is able to provide high power even with its small size. Since this is a small battery, it only means that it is also lighter than the regular batteries, thus, enabling the user to install it in any type of Powersports easily.