The Journey AGM is the greatest battery I’ve ever used. I’ve been while using Odysseys within my touring motorcycle since 1999. Lately, I’ve made the decision to toss the towel on Optima AGMs in my boat and automobiles simply because they have unsuccessful type of prematurely. The key to battery durability would be to never allow them to sit inside a released condition, not really for just one day.

Battery power is certainly not however a plastic bucket of lead, acidity, and electrons — get rid of the electrons and you’ll soon possess a bucket of lead sulfate. For me, the spiral wound Optima AGM design is less loving toward a minimal electron day compared to Journey, or possibly the look is nice, but manufacturing is more difficult. Quite simply, the Journey design and manufacturing tend to be more foreseeable, out of the box apparent in the longer warranty terms.

Also, I love likely to measure a current and find out 12.84V, not 12.3 or something like that — that’s things i like about Odysseys.

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Great battery, haven’t yet run it completly lower and also have run it 4 continious hrs on the 46lbs thrust motor. It holds a great change. Cost on Amazon . com was cheapest found.

Using two Odysey 34M-pc-100st on my small 28ft Catalinia sailboat. Always a powerfull start for that disel engine and also the house battery is powerful thoughout the evening running lights, push and twelve volt frigerator. The batteries haven’t unsuccessful me around the water unlike other batteries I’ve possessed.

For your fishing seriously like I actually do this battery is essential-have. Factor holds electric power charge well and when you are taking proper care of it with a decent marine charger this factor won’t allow you to lower. I only leave five star reviews when the item surpasses anticipation, which battery did exactly that.

This batt is incredible. I have tried personally it 3 straight days while fishing/camping also it has not were built with a hiccup within the charge. Holds electric power charge as if you wouldn’t believe! Additionally, it charges quick too. I’ve not been with them lengthy and so i can’t say without a doubt the way it holds in durability however i enjoy it so far.

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I desired a set of these Journey batteries for any dual battery installation inside a Jeep Wrangler. Amazon . com were built with a great cost around the batteries plus they were shipped quickly.

Excellent lengthy lasting battery for all day long use with no fall off of current. A 55ft/lb trolling motor runs strong all day long.

I have only had them in regards to a month but on my small 21 foot ranger boat in windy conditions all day long ,I haven’t observed any lost of energy whatsoever.this is exactly what I’ve been wishing forwhen I purchased them ,and that i know I’m able to get a lot more hrs from them without needing to recharge them.