The third generation of traction energy sources practically did not depart from the classical laws – their work is based on the electrochemical reaction of lead in an aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. Absorbent Glass Mat technology was created back in the 70s of the last century, and differs from the traditional one in that the electrolyte is not in the liquid state, but absorbed in the pores of the glass fibers of the separator.
For car enthusiasts who are interested in the question of what an AGM battery is and how to properly charge it, you have to say at once – this type of battery has extreme resistance to deep discharge. The typical model can withstand 200 full-cycle cycles without problems, thanks to the density of the design of the plate block and the ability of the separators to retain the active mass. The electrolyte lacks fluidity, and, therefore, the discharge process is not accompanied by its evaporation with subsequent destruction of the plates, as is the case with traditional sources of electricity.

Battery Series:

“Titanium Autocraft Battery”

This is the brand’s most expensive model, typically listed at approximately $100 to $150. However, the Titanium model is a truly superior battery and many users have found them to be extremely long-lived.

Brand: AutoCraft


As in the acid battery, here are used compartments with positively and negatively charged plates, which are made of lead. Between them, special fiberglass separators are laid, impregnated with electrolyte. Typically, a car battery AGM at 12V has six sealed compartments with plates and does not need maintenance.

Separately, we should consider the role of the separator in this technology:

  • It is a porous system where the electrolyte is retained by capillary forces.
  • The amount of electrolyte required for the reaction is dosed in such a way that the small pores of the mat are filled with liquid, while the larger ones remain free for circulation of the gases.

Thanks to recirculation, gases, as well as helium batteries, do not leave the body of the product, but “return” to the electrolyte. All the plates are made of pure lead, which makes it possible for the battery to gain charging in a short time and to give it away quickly. The starting current is much higher than that of the classic lead-acid power sources.

The battery is successfully used by automakers, but batteries with a flat arrangement of blocks are more common. All characteristics of products comply with the standards of the international trade association BCI, most of which are aimed at protecting nature and ensuring the safe disposal of lead-acid products.

Before the classical technology, batteries made using Absorbent Glass Mat technique have a number of advantages. In particular, an AGM battery with a voltage of 12V can be installed in almost any position, except upside down. In addition, experts note several positive points:

  • The device requires minimum maintenance, which consists in observing the purity of the unit and monitoring its parameters;
  • the hermetic design is equipped with a valve adjustment, which prevents acid leakage and destruction of the terminals;
  • safety of operation, when properly charged, the danger of explosion and gas evolution is excluded;
  • trouble-free operation at temperatures down to -30 ° C, at lower values ​​the crystallization of the electrolyte of discharged battery is not ruled out;
  • resistance to vibrations;
  • high starting current, unlike classical current sources, increased by 50-70%;
  • the possibility of accelerated charging and low requirements for the stability of the charging voltage.


Important! Categorically, the charge voltage should not be allowed to exceed 15.2 V. When this figure is increased by literally 0.05 V, the hydrolysis process activates, which leads to the formation of a gas cushion and the loss of water molecules. All this in the future negatively affects the performance of the battery.

Important! You can put the battery of the AutoCraft platinum agm system on any machine, but one thing should be considered. In the car, where AGM is provided, the on-board system monitors the charge of the battery, and stops the charging process when it reaches the appropriate level. On a conventional machine, this function is not provided, and a battery that is critical of recharging may fail.


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