This battery has 3/8′ threaded posts and washing machines and nuts include it. Cables with lugs may be easily attached. However, standard SAE battery devices can’t be connected. They might require an Journey 3217-0049 SAE Terminal Conversion Package that is offered by various online merchants.

I’ve got a 40ft diesel pusher RV having a Freightliner/Cat C7. The coach has two group 31 chassis/beginning batts situated inboard from the four six-volt golf buggy ‘house’ batts that must definitely be removed to alter the two turning batts. Since I’d made the decision to get this done change myself, and did not wish to accomplish it again for any lonnnng time, I made the decision to greater than double the amount cost of ‘normal’ 1000CA batteries and rather get a set of these 2150 puppies, in line with the company’s claims, the released specs, and reviews.

They showed up quickly in really handsome and sturdy card board packaging, that is warranted once they weigh about 80lbs each. Although mine were under per month old upon arrival, I made the decision to provide them a high-off charge anyway however checked their resting current. Both were within the 13..1+ range, that was spectacular. After I installed them not much later, both were around 13V.

The specs on these batts are perfect. Lay a large wrench across both devices and run – the brief shorted 5000 amplifier output computes (basically did the mathematics right) to around 60,000 w. Yer gonna require a new wrench. The batts can relaxation uncharged for any year, or two if stored chilled, without harm or significant lack of charge. Their cold turning amplifiers are spectacular, with in regards to a dozen start-ups on these batts to date, I will tell you that I have never heard the engine crank nearly this fast. It may sound as if you could drive to Toledo just around the starter. So color me very impressed up to now. I believe it will be greater than some.five years I acquired from the original copies before I’m going to be changing these babies.

Available away from the box — 3 mos old and fully billed. The packing was excellent. I suppose I’ll learn more as time continues but from my testing it’s fit and really should last within my float-type application for a lot of (10 ?) years basically address it right.

Great marine battery employed for engine beginning and running all of the electronics. Lasts all day every day but still has lots of reserve energy – recommend.

I’ve a couple of these. One out of a backhoe, and something inside a 450 dozer. They’re awesome. Well worth the cost..