I drive a Jeep Wrangler Limitless 2006. I am its first owner.

Since I purchased my Jeep, when turning the important thing for that ignition, it always felt kind of ‘weak’. I ignored it as being possibly a rather weak starter or simply huge engine.

Eventually, I saw a chapter of ‘How It’s Made’ on television. It had been the output of vehicle batteries – particularly, Journey-brand batteries. I had been impressed!

A couple of days ago, my Jeep had trouble beginning… as my instrument panel and indicators all fluttered when i switched the ignition, I understood my Jeep’s factory battery was going to be dead.

Now i really needed a brand new vehicle battery in my ’06 Jeep. I needed the very best – and so i investigated Journey.

I discovered that Amazon . com sells Journey batteries! But I didn’t know which Journey battery to purchase.

Used to do a web-based look for ‘Odyssey Factory Batteries’ and located the state factory web page. Watch out for some third-party suppliers which include ‘odyssey’ within their website title – they aren’t official!

Around the official Journey Factory web page, I joined my vehicle information (Jeep 2006) and also the website provided the particular type of Journey battery that’s appropriate, the ’34-PC1500T’.

Since I understood which i needed an Journey 34-PC1500T battery, I looked on Amazon . com and located it! Great cost and free Super Saving idea shipping – important because this factor weighs in at 52lbs!

I placed an order. It required 8 working days that i can receive it using Super Saving idea shipping (ground). After I received it, it came perfectly packed!

I changed my Jeep’s factory battery using the Journey – WOW! Seriously, my Jeep hasn’t began so great! ‘BROOOOM!’ Effective start! Turning amplifiers! Much better than new!

Battery was a little costly, but well-worthwhile for any critical area of the vehicle you like. I really like my Jeep – you need to love your vehicle too! 🙂

I recommend this battery! It is the best!

I acquired a couple of these in my 2013 Jeep Wrangler. I’m managing a dual battery setup using the Painless 40121 Digital Energy Manager with Quick Start on the M.O.R.E. JKDBT0709 Dual Battery Tray. I additionally connected it to some Mean Eco-friendly MG 1388 High Amplifier Alternator. I run these batterys hard every weekend. I’ve got a KC Hilites (327) 50′ 300W Brought Spotlight/Ton Light Bar, 4 Rigid Industries 50211 D2 Wide Brought, 8 KC HiLiTES 127 SlimLite 100w Fog Lights, 4 KC HiLiTES 121 SlimLite 130w Place Beam Lights, an ARB CKMTA12 ’12V’ On-Board Twin High End Air Compressor, A viper security alarm, along with a Warn 89611 ZEON 10-S Winch. In addition to a large sterio system with several amplifiers. These batteries haven’t allow me to lower. I do not care they overlap with the Fervent P4 whatever batteries form Sears which are $20 dollars cheaper. I additionally don’t care that anybody thinks they’re over listed. They work ideal for me, and therefore are worth every cent. If you would like batteries which will never go wrong, these are.

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I’ve bought a couple of this kind of battery. The first is inside a mild build 2006 Jeep TJ Along With A 1988 Jeep Comanche (Battery matches both perfectly with no plugs) and also the old yellow top style wasn’t lasting at least a year because of winch and Air compressors over cycling the batteries. but I’ve come across hardly any current Drop with this well-crafted battery. i’ve been with them for around 6 several weeks now. No lack of float charge capacity with no extra current drop under large amplifier loads, ( Beginning, Wench, Air Compressors) Great cost and Totally free,, Shipping batteries isn’t cheap, And also the batteries came each in their own individual thick card board box well thick card board plate on the top to Safeguard the very best publish, Highly pleased with the merchandise. only have been recommending this to individuals since i have used them. How come the Journey batteries so great. Virgin Lead.. not impure recycled stuff. Should you prefer a battery to last under hard cycling and non-ideal atmosphere, Can’t fail with this particular company

People will explain ‘this battery isn’t for wheelchairs’, but they are wrong.

I have installed this battery in 2 different powerchairs to be used inside a high end situation, plus they clearly provide superior performance in comparison towards the gel batteries that individuals normally use, and they’re stronger having a longer existence compared to Optima batteries which i attempted.

To actually get the most from these batteries, you must know what you are doing. When you get it, they are great!

This can be a mil-spec battery created for tanks. It’s designed to withstand a gunshot. I place it within my minivan. If I have a round within the battery in route home from my job in the library I’ll have the ability to carry on. That’s well worth the bit of mind in my experience.

A Little PRICEY BUT Worth The MONEY. LOVE The Merchandise WOULD RECCOMEND TO ANYBODY Searching For This Kind Of BATTERY.

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This is not only a battery, it is a conversation piece. I leave my truck sitting for days at any given time, in weather far below zero, and that i haven’t had one problem beginning it. In addition, it is a carbureted large block, and often takes 2-3 minutes to crank over. I’ll only buy Journey batteries to any extent further.

It’s difficult to create an evaluation for any battery such as this unless of course you’ve tried on the extender for it’s entire lifetime (that is an expected ten to twelve years!) I purchased this battery after a lot of research and determining which i wanted the very best and longest enduring made-in-the-USA battery I possibly could buy. It lead (heh, lead… have it?) me for this Journey battery. I am astounded by we’ve got the technology and craftsmanship installed into every battery which they tout a long storage existence and repair existence associated with a battery available on the market. It’s things i wanted, however the cost managed to get hard to justify.

Ultimately I purchased it once i made the decision I’d rather purchase battery power once in ten years than 2-3 batteries every 4-five years. I changed a classic Optima battery that offered well for around five years before I left it kept in storage and also the current dropped too much in order to save. I attempted every trick within the book to have it back however the Optima unsuccessful a lot test each time. Basically first got it leaped/billed it’d work during the day but the moment it might sit for over a day it might lose all current and amperage. The Journey saved your day.

I put this within my ’68 Tempest. I am sure this battery is totally overkill for any weekend cruiser vehicle however i thought about being very sure that I possibly could fire up whenever I needed to without having to be worried about my battery’s performance. Battery is available in at 50 pounds therefore it is certainly heavy however the built-in transporting handle is much more than to the task of setting it up in the shipping box towards the battery tray. Battery is totally sealed without any vent holes or anything from the like also it your style within my Pontiac’s battery tray. The moment I’d it installed I needed to look into the turning energy of the factor and I have not heard my starter motor spin so quick.