The US-made Optima 8002 have been the companions of all my carriers for years. Even the most wretched of all I have used worked for almost five years before giving me any hard time but all the rest have made it through more than seven years and that too without ant electrolyte leakage.

I purchased this battery as a replacement for my other seven-year old battery that had started to show the signs of old age. It is packed professionally, I am sure company has made a good progress by paying heed to the complaints of shipping damages.

I have bought the Mexican-built Optima 8002 for the first time. It has shorter warranty than the previous ones so only experience will show its comparison with the original. If you are worried about warranty through Amazon, I would advise you to go through the Optima’s policy about online retailers. It is available on their website.

They have provided requirements which must be complied with in order to take the warranty service.

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I love this battery, in fact I think it’s the best battery available in the market. I have been using these batteries for my vehicles for many years and they have never disappointed me. If you want to keep the best for your vehicle and spending a little extra is not an issue, than this battery is a perfect purchase. In fact it will save your money afterwards because they are durable and long lasting than the ordinary lead acid batteries.

I discovered that Amazon is giving the best price deal so you don’t have to waste time by researching or shopping from other retailers. My vehicle has a dodge diesel which runs on two batteries. It works very well every time I start off.