What you’ll receive is a superb dry cell with lots of small-motor turning amplifiers in a tiny package. I personally use this within my Mitsubishi Evo (2 litre turbocharged four cylinder) to drag weight from the front from the vehicle. Weight savings take presctiption an order of 12-15 pounds within the OEM wet battery. The performance about this battery during the last three years continues to be perfect. My home is Los Angeles therefore the weather never will get really cold…YMMV. It always pumps lots of beginning amplifiers after i turn the motor over. I have been extremely pleased with this particular item. Battery within the vehicle now’s beginning to get rid of turning energy, but it is a elegant degradation. Therefore it is here we are at a replacement. I’ll keep returning to those batteries with this application.

Showed up sooner then expected and product was that which was expected. I examined the current if this showed up also it read 13.2 volts that is great. manual claims that if greater then 12.65V, no charging is needed. For whatever reason the devices were somewhat more compact (diameter) then your Journey PC680 (non-extreme) which i had. I had been barely capable of getting the clamps tight enough. Appears to operate fine ultimately. My last Journey PC680 would be a normal non extreme version that survived for several years within my Honda social si. I’m wishing that one lasts longer. However, three years from the battery that small accustomed to begin a vehicle engine daily is very impressive. Really, it had been working fine till I ended driving the vehicle for around per week. Then it provided some clues it had become getting week (reduced beginning). Possibly the non-extreme version isn’t keen on to sit down. However, this can be a review concerning the Extreme version that we will update inside a couple of years hopefully 🙂

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nice little battery to date so great first day installed about 50 % the weight and size in comparison to oem have to purchase custom bracket or weld someone to fit.

I have tried personally these batteries during the last 5 approximately many have experienced great luck together. Presently within my 94 RX7 and 06 STi that is daily driven.

Hooked up within my Small also it began the vehicle off quickly and easily. Folks cautioned me and stated I needed to go stock. No thanks.

I am by using this battery within my daily driven 4cyl. Its ranked at 520 pulse turning amplifiers for 5sec regardless of the lower CCA rating. To date it cranks the fir.6L over simple around 40*F. The little dimensions are awesome and extremely reveals the engine bay. Probab will need a brand new hold lower method becasue it is so small, I rigged mine up rapidly to suit.

To date so great. The motor surrended with no issues. I’ve got a battery stop switch so draining lower battery once the vehicle sets a couple of days should not be any problem.

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