This really is my third Journey battery. I’ve installed a PC1750 within my truck along with a PC1500 within my Viper. Both individuals installations went smooth – an immediate alternative for that stock battery.

So finally I acquired the PC1200 in my Mustang. I had been expecting the install to become a breeze, however i was at for any total surprise: This battery doesn’t have any hold-lower tabs at the base. Unlike the 1500 and 1750 that have tabs, every side around the 1200 are flat! There is no way the Mustang stock hardware can secure this battery. Fortunately I discovered an easy bracket (Google ‘Metal Battery Strap – HDS’) that actually works with many Ford and GM style OEM battery trays and it is only $20.

However, after setting up these aftermarket bracket, I stubled onto another problem: As the bracket ensures to help keep battery in position just in case of the accident, it doesn’t avoid the battery from sliding around within the tray. It works out battery slides easily since the bottom isn’t flat – the metal jacketing is folded lower the edges from the battery, developing a 1/2′ wide ‘frame’ and also the battery 35mm slides within the tray much like whether it was on furniture slides. Tightening lower the aftermarket bracket hard would most likely solve the issue, however this is IMHO an awful idea because the bracket may be pressing lower on spots around the battery that aren’t produced to resist pressure which may well damage battery. I reduced the problem by affixing an 8×7′ bit of 3/16′ thick self-adhesive Neoprene rubber pad to the foot of battery. This provides excellent friction agains gliding because the non-sticky side from the pad conforms itself to the foot of the tray (which isn’t completely flat) and also the battery now sits rock continuously in position. Finally I am thrilled using the install!

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I’ve been while using battery for pretty much annually now. I’ve had no issues. I’ll warn you this battery is extremely heavy because of its size. In my opinion the right term is dense. I purchased the kind 59 truck battery. The main reason I mention the load, it doesn’t include any battery straps for lifting battery in or from the vehicle. The optima and many individuals lead acidity battery possess a little plastic strap for your. If you possess a tight battery box, it might be a problem setting it up out and in and you might want to engineer something for your purpose. I still would recommend this battery. Battery devices towards the overall construction have a top quality build.

I have tried personally several Journey batteries. Have the ability to carried out as marketed and they’re probably the most reliable batteries to date. I usually purchase the biggest, most effective battery the area will accommodate and, within our climate of temperature extremes, alway metallic-clad battery. None has unsuccessful, utilized in motorcycles, snow sleds, lawn tractor, vehicles. The ultimate cost combined using the extended existence has always made these items a great value. The large bonus may be the reduced maintenance and alternative time.

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This battery is ideal for Jeep Wrangler TJ (1997-2006). They fit within the stock location with no modifications, using the stock hold-downs not a problem. Battery is really slightly more compact than stock.

As this is an enclosed battery, it is always good for off-roading, in which a classic battery could spill because of extreme angles. And as this is an in-depth-cycling battery it’s well matched up for heavy electrical winch use.

Metallic jacket gives an additional layer of protection towards the tough construction.

This battery handled many years of abuse within my jeep, and that i changed it with similar model.