Since 1927 when motor vehicles battery ignition was first introduced, Bosch has been manufacturing batteries. The demand for batteries has considerably increased since that time especially now that features such as electric windows, ABS, air conditioning and airbag’s have been introduced. The unmatched expertise in automotive electrical systems has made Bosch to keep pace with the new developments and as such provides a variety of Bosch car batteries that meet modern vehicle demands.

Advantages of Bosch Batteries

  • All Bosch batteries are totally sealed and do not require any water replacement during the whole of their service life.
  • Are resistant to high engine chamber temperatures and are safe to start in any weather.
  • They are capable of meeting the growing modern vehicle demands with advanced electrical components.
  • For ease of selection, they provide comprehensive market coverage within a compact program
  • The battery performance is significantly enhanced due to advanced silver technology.
  • It is the highly trusted in automotive parts with a reputation that is unparalleled for innovation and quality.

Bosch batteries reviews

I’m so happy for the alive arrival of the product. I’m fully convinced that they fixed their packaging issue not as it was before. I would really recommend this battery; it installed so well in my Nissan Maxima 95 being used for my multiple amps and subs.

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Trust me, I bought this battery for my 07 Vette and I was not comfortable with the purchase. Why? All reviews had revealed some shipping and packaging issues but due to fall in prices I couldn’t pass it up. I tried and believe me the battery arrived in a perfect condition in a superb box within box package. Both boxes were heavy duty and had corner reinforcements between them. The battery was safely protected proving that the earlier issues had been rectified.

If a vehicle is left unused for quite sometimes, may be weeks, the computer management systems will run the battery dead especially with the newer cars. This is not a big issue with Bosch battery. It can go even for a whole month. You will be impressed especially if such things matter to you. Bosch looks impressive under the hood, this is a fact.

Its misleading to believe that this car battery fits a Prius. Even though it will go into space, the posts are a bit bigger for the clamps from the Prius. You are required to search in big towns for market clamps or you can file posts down probably making the warranty invalid. Buying it from a company that offers the needed clamps with the battery would have meant spending $ 20 extra with the battery in, works gone but with a short life span. Packaging was also of poor quality.

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After buying this battery for my Toyota Land cruiser to run all my equipment for draining power, it was great. It holds a charge very well because it is solidly built. It powers so well my big sound system, my off road lights and my winch. I have no problems so far, the battery is reliable and I’m so impressed. Even after leaving my lights on for a whole day, my car still had no problem to start.