VARTA Classic

Love and power – Down to the smallest detail: VARTA® CLASSIC for classic cars and oldtimers. You invest a great deal of time, love and enthusiasm in your passion? You appreciate every detail and implement it properly? You love the charm and character of your classic car? Then VARTA Classic is the right choice for you. The exclusive, hand-made original battery combines modern technology with traditional construction methods.


Battery Series:

“Varta Classic”

Today the company produces 7 types of batteries of the classic series (MV and SV) of different sizes.

Brand: Varta


The cover, which is bonded to the black ebonite housing with hand-poured bitumen, is just as traditional as the hand-soldered top-mounted cell connectors. Naturally, the VARTA Classic meets all of the safety and sustainability requirements for modern batteries. You can enjoy a visual and technical highlight in your classic car and rely on the brand which was the first choice of many automakers even when your classic car was built.

A small percentage of calcium (Ca) is added to the lead plates, really small about 0.1% of the total weight (in modern types there may be a little more). On the body you can see such inscriptions – Ca / Ca (it says that both plates are plus and minus with this additive).

There are many reasons for this, but there are only two main reasons: it reduces the self-discharge (by the way it has decreased by 6 times), and also reduces the loss of water from the electrolyte (here this process is not so intense, and therefore the battery can be made almost unattended).



In severe climatic zones and when used on cars with a large number of electric consumers, it is recommended to carry out a preventive charge of the battery with an external charger once a year before the winter season. To extend the battery life, do not allow deep discharges and keep the battery cover clean. It is also recommended to periodically check the starter, generator and the leakage current of the car in the workshop.


It all starts with VARTA®