I just read review from Eco-friendly Mountain Audi around the Group 31 (31AGMDCT) and thought, Shipped a defunct battery? Ouch, but that is an issue that fixes itself once they restock. Wrong! It appears someone is dumping that old batteries through Amazon . com. Amazon . com have been sold-out a minimum of two times since GMA’s review, and so i figured the batteries ought to be fresh now, and purchased one of these simple and 2 Group 31s. Following a couple of days they restocked and shipped. The batteries I received were 15-16 several weeks old and near dead (about 30% charge). They’d apparently been sitting unmaintained in high temps for more than a year, which in turn causes sulfation and permanent damage. To finish it off, after i approached Amazon . com they explained they could not/wouldn’t do anything whatsoever about this and stated I needed to contact AC-Delco rather. Which virtually defeats the objective of ordering through Amazon . com to start with. Now I must look for a stocking service center and schlep the batteries there and back.

Battery came double boxed with air bags in top condition.. The audience 34AGM is 740CCA with 115RC..

It did require a top on my wise charger, however, you sure can’t beat the cost for this kind of battery..

This didn’t fit my 1994 Jeep Cherokee without getting rid of the plastic battery cover round the original battery. Otherwise great. Really greater than I desired with this vehicle, as well as the cost it had been worth a go. Time will inform if it’s a great purchase, got a great deal having a purchase cost and free delivery.

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So I have got a classic crappy gmc, great truck for thumping round the stays, outings towards the forest, the dump but it is very little to check out. It has been relaxing in the rear for around annually. Due to the winch along with a cobbled together electrical system she eats batteries. My spouse continues to be requesting so that it is fixed therefore we (I) could possibly get some yard work taken care of. Develop a new fence, haul some garbage off, pull some stumps…..I purchased a couple of these, and several cable lugs in order to try taking some the baggage from the system. This battery, especially parallel cranks hard. Lots of juice towards the winch, radio and headlghts. All at one time. Likely to observe how she handles the negative temp winters.

P.S. These batteries where shipped double boxed with blue foam bottom and top full of bubble wrap. No dust with no scabs or scars from handling. Did not use them multi-meter but my trucks volt meter read past 13 volts whilst turning and running the winch.

Battery showed up in 6 days from the moment of my order. It had been double boxed using the inner box showing a ups ground shipment from GM to Amazon’s distribution center. It weighs in at 39.2 and also the packaging was almost another 5 pounds. Labels and warranty all indicate Delco, nevertheless the unit was made by Manley Controls having a manufacture date code of P-065-R. This converts to June 2015. I understand others have were not impressed with receiving old stock nevertheless the kodak playtouch camcorder was under two several weeks old coupled with a static control of 12.7 Vdc upon receipt. I capped them back with my 2012-AGM charger. Again this review is perfect for group 34 battery size with top publish. It had been an immediate easily fit in my 2000 Corvettes. My vehicle have been transformed into top publish battery cables thus the reason behind the audience 34 fitment. Most C5 corvettes may use along side it publish group 78 battery size aside from the 2004 C5 ZO6 used an organization 86 with top publish only. The shipped cost was a small fraction of other AGM batteries. Everybody includes a product they’re proud to possess. I’ve two, this Delco 34-AGM and my Battery-Minder model 2012-AGM charger. The mixture will help remind me with every turn of key they’re fine items at fair cost. Thanks Amazon . com. Should you still don’t think this can be a special product: Google Manley Controls AGM battery watching their presentation online.

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To date so great, came fully billed and able to go.

To date so great, battery demonstrated no foul signs upon arrival, Amazon . com packed it correctly and there have been no leaks. My primary problem is how do you warranty it with AC Delco if there’s an problem inside the 3 years? Must i register it?

Precisely what I purchased, and despite the fact that there is a layer of dust onto it, it began the vehicle up after being installed.