Ultra Hi Performance Batteries

Superior Performance for Australian Motorists

Designed and manufactured right here in Australia, Century Ultra Hi Performance batteries are the ultimate in battery performance and technology.

Manufactured with Calcium battery plate groups, advanced grid designs and optimised paste formulation, along with Century’s revolutionary maintenance free lid technology combine to deliver superior starting power, exceptional corrosion resistance, longer life and the performance to handle the demands of today’s modern vehicles.

Don’t compromise – choose the battery designed and built to withstand the challenges of Australia’s extreme climate and harsh conditions – choose a Century Ultra Hi Performance battery.


Our premium Century Ultra High Performance batterysealed maintenance free range, comes with a 36 month nationwide comprehensive warranty and Smart Drive™ Technology. It’s no surprise they are our best sellers for high performance, high out-put vehicle applications.

As a proud supplier of Century Batteries, we understand what motorists demand and expect from their vehicle batteries — long life, reliable and consistent results, ability to resist wear and tear and top notch design to withstand the harsh conditions of the Australian climate.

Century Batteries are designed and manufactured in Australia, specifically to meet the demands of extreme heat and still perform at their optimum level even in harsh environments where component degradation and electrolyte evaporation is dramatically increased.

Do you truly need a tough battery for the harsh conditions of Australia?

There are many brands of batteries that are imported to Australia. While recognised as quality brands, these products are simply not designed for conditions typical to those experienced by Australian motorist’s day in and day out. Many car users know the importance of having a reliable product that offers optimum performance rain or shine, in city highways or the rough and tumble Outback, in flat asphalt roads or bumpy dirt tracks.

Car Battery Australia knows that motorists want only the best when it comes to their cars. The Century Ultra High Performance battery makes an excellent choice for people who demand superior quality and the latest innovation in design. They are covered with a 36 Month Warranty, giving motorists that extra “Peace of Mind” knowing that they have a product they can depend on in their journey’s Australia-Wide.

These batteries have the best performance. The range incorporates the best of engineering technology, long-lasting components, and innovative design.  This means they don’t need any maintenance.


Battery Series:

” Ultra HI Performance”

This line of batteries is presented in 13 types:


Brand: Century


1) Robust cast plate design

Designed and manufactured to deliver lower internal resistance, offering superior engine starting power, resilient vibration resistance leading to prolonged service life.

2) Optimized plate paste formulation

The plate paste is specifically formulated to reduce electrolyte evaporation and enhanced charge acceptance, promoting exceptional performance and prolonged service life.

3) Expanded grid/plate design

Manufactured with Tin and a fine surface grain to combat corrosion, reduced electrical resistance to deliver optimum energy output, and water consumption minimized.

4) Durable polyethylene plate separators

Primary purpose to insulate the opposing plates against short circuiting due to their resilient puncture resistant properties. Contribute to lower electrical resistance and sustained electrolyte dispersion, delivering higher cranking amps to start your engine.

5) Integrated flame arrestor

Efficient protection against external sparks, flames and other various sources of ignition.

6) Mud rack case design

Specialist support racks for the plates, to minimizes short circuit and vibration.

7) Robust polypropylene case

Reinforced protection for internal components, that arise from shock and vibration extremities.

8) Durable carry handle

The handle is ergonomically designed with a thickly grooved hand support, for comfort and ease of replacing and storing battery.

9) Built-in state of charge indicator

Quickly helps you diagnose the state of charge and condition of battery. Lets you determine if charging is needed, or requires replacing.

10) Cast on strap

Extra thickness in the manufacturing of the cast on strap, offers lower electrical resistance and prevents premature degradation from heat and vibration.

11) Labyrinth Lid Technology

The lid is designed to assist in the prevention of electrolyte leakage when battery is tilted, or excessive vibration.

The primary purpose of the Century Advanced Labyrinth Structure, is to work in unison with the Heat Sealed Double Lid Technology to condense and retain water vapour produced by the battery in operation or charging mode.

Whilst the upper lid remains cooler, the vapours condense and flow back to the lower lid as water. Hence, flowing back safely into the battery to maintain healthy fluid levels to deliver prolonged life span in Australia’s hotter climate.



Categorically it is not recommended to use calcium batteries in boats, boats, coffee machines – wherever they can be subjected to deep discharges.




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