1. My 2005 Prius started giving us a red-colored-colored triangular every so often a couple of years back. It got progressively more frequent, by getting an on-screen message to put the automobile in P with an amount surface. In those days, I did so some investigation and saw some posts showing it may be battery, nevertheless the vehicle would eventually start (turn off, then back on) which i blew it well. Individually, I believed my fuel consumption was heading lower however written it well as imagination and bad driving habits.

2. Some posts written regarding how to test battery output by pressing Menu and cycling the vehicle car headlights three occasions. I used to be dumb enough to accomplish this while using vehicle on, therefore i was testing the present in the alternator. Have it completed in Accessory mode (no ft round the brakes if you energy up). The completely new battery produces 13.1. If you’re under 12 after driving for just about any handful of several hours you will need help. Once I finally did take action while using vehicle in Acc mode, laptop computer would shut lower. I thought ‘bad computer,’ but ‘bad battery’ was the answer. My battery couldn’t even launched enough juice to function laptop computer.

3. Battery movies the top-current relay, runs the lights and computer along with other things–like the rear hatch release. If you don’t change it out while there’s still somewhat juice, you’ll have to make use of a diet and climb to the back while using rear seats lower to create the hatch. Furthermore, it runs your smartkey system, which is really a genuine drain about it. When you get problems, switching from the smartkey (button beneath the steering column) is is sensible. Also, departing the leading lights switch inside the on position causes some drain and immediately puts huge stress on battery, so energy it lower prior to starting the automobile once your battery is weak.

I have a very 2004 Prius. I bought another in 2005 within my wife. We are definitely not ‘tree huggers’ but love trustworthy mileage (51-54mpg), utility superiority the automobile. Really the only exception might be the reduced quality twelve volt battery and the way it’s designed to the bottom rear in the vehicle. The automobile certainly deserved the MotorTrend 2004 Vehicle of year. The 200+ volt NiMH batteries on cars continue being fine. However, I’ve had the vehicle car dealership switch the twelve volt battery two occasions inside my vehicle so when inside my wife’s for the tune of $200 each time (that’s $600 in 12V battery substitutes formerly 8 years). Again, this really is really the little twelve volt Battery, not the ‘hybrid’ battery. It seems the stock 12V batttery, which is not even familiar with start the engine & is really attentive to warmth and deep discharge, might be the only real item inside the Prius that’s certainly sub-componen. The comfort in the vehicle if solid & an excellent little bit of technology & durability.

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I finally got frustrated with needing to spend the money for vehicle car dealership around $200 each time to switch the crappy stock battery with another new crappy stock battery. I looked in many auto parts stores and Sears (Diehard) & Walmart. The 12V battery for your Pruis is really difficult to get. Really the only aftermarket battery that is not a normal is this fact Optima Yellow (deep cycle) S26b24r. It has been particularly created using the greater compact (Japanese standard) posts fit the Pruis which means you should not have for your adapter kits. You will find changed out a 12V battery in the Prius, you won’t believe just what a relative discomfort it’s. I’m robotically inclined and possess changed out many 12V batteries in other American and Japanese cars taking about 3-a couple of minutes each time (I’m slow). The Prius battery change is yet another experience! It needed me roughly 1 hour to switch battery.

This battery was offered just like a ‘direct replacement’ for your Prius. I thought that to mean it could have the identical size. After eliminating the old battery, I suspected the completely new one will be a little bigger. Trying to suit the completely new one inch the automobile shown to become difficult process, and confirmed my accusations. The completely new battery was not a bad inch roughly bigger (both width and lengh-wise). What went lower is the front in the battery hit some excess body putty (used apparently to shut areas from moisture) that was within the well preventing it from sitting in the base in the well, whereas the old battery took it off. I desired to type in the battery well getting a dremel and completely remove in the blob of excess body putty. After eliminating and washing the excess putty, battery then went together with a powerful push lower. Granted, another vehicle will not really get access to this excess putty and may fit fine. Also, the negative terminal is becoming closer besides the well, which made the career of the negative terminal back around the little tight too. After 3 several hours roughly of fighting, I possibly could get your investment back together plus it seems to function fine. Customers should be careful with this extra size compared for the Toyota original battery that might produce some fit problems similar to my experience.

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An excellent battery. Which inserts as being a glove. Inside my 2007 Toyota Prius. This battery can be a direct shoe looking for the factory battery. Really the only factor you really need can be a 12 ” extention and 10 mm socket along with your ready to visit. Time to make it happen? 35 mins. In 30 degree weather and snow. I am certain in better weather it might be done faster and much easier. This is not a difficult swap just will take time as are looking for your moves out. Oh, I charged battery before I ever swapped them, It’s just making certain one less factor to concern yourself with. And make sure you keep an energetic charge round the wires for the vehicle. Jumper cables plus an old battery or possibly a little charger like a couple of amps is all you have to. So you don’t have issue with the pc systems. It really will take time it is not nuclear physics.