I’ll attempt to have this right, but a few of the background information regarding Optima history might be off with a couple of years.

First: 4 star as opposed to a five star rating. The warranty will have to match the more warranties provided by others, and qc stiffened to earn five stars. Performance is generally excellent, so why wouldn’t you provide a longer warranty?

Gates Tire and Rubber invented/ designed/ developed the Optima and Genesis AGM batteries within the ’80’s/ early ’90’s. When I understand things, the Optima was meant for rugged/ abusive programs needing the greatest beginning current, as the Genesis was meant for more sedentary uses and at the maximum charge/ volume by utilizing flat plates. Both reduced ventilation and maintenance needs.

The Optima brand was spun off and away to a Swedish company however the batteries ongoing to become produced in Aurora, CO. Manley Controls bought the Optima brand in ~2000 and is constantly on the own the company. All mfg was moved from Aurora to some suburb of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, around late 2007. Genesis was spun off and away to Enersys, which used YAUSA to mfg these in China, Mexico and you never know where, In my opinion their premium Genesis Air series come in Warrensburg, MO.

Optima Red-colored Top battery design transformed between 2007. Apparently the glass pad was frequently squeezed/ crimped resulting in premature shorting and failure. Rankings from the 34/78 Red-colored Top was reduced from 55 Ah to 50 Ah, the CCA rating continued to be at 800, and strangely enough, the warranty was reduced from three yr free alternative + 3 yr prorated, to three yr free alternative + yr prorated. This roughly corresponded with moving the development towards the Monterrey suburb, although many of the more recent style batteries remained as produced in Aurora in 2007.

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I purchased my first Optima battery in my ’96 GMC C1500 having a vortec 5700 in 1998. This battery continues to be through a myriad of weather from Boise State Broncos to four years in Germany, a few years in Dallas, and also the last four years in Texas. I’ve drained this battery dead a minimum of 4 occasions also it retrieved/charged up again each time aside from this a week ago. My truck continues to be parked for the majority of the recently because the a/c has gone out and also the temps her in Texas happen to be 100+ during the last 2 several weeks. I finally wiped out it permanently… after 13 ‘short’ many years of existence. I’ve changed the batteries in most 3 of my automobiles with Optima’s since that time and will also be purchasing another Optima in my truck. I am sure this battery will overcome the18 wheeler this time around. I am Offered!!!!

I purchased this battery from the local Optima dealer on The month of january 2008. It died on August 2009.

Since it arrives with a 3 year warranty, I attempted to have it maintained underneath the warranty by calling the Optima 1-800 number. Customer support agent was very rude and stored saying I’d need to pay a charge to be able to get my battery maintained.

Bought my first Optima Red-colored Top in 2004 to exchange the conventional battery within my 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have just changed that Optima (11/2011) with another Optima Red-colored Top because signs of battery weakness was showing its ugly mind, signs like: high volt meter blood pressure measurements (consistently high 14~ volt blood pressure measurements) that stay high after driving for pretty much an hour or so (13.5~ volts is exactly what an ordinary reading through ought to be after driving some time), current shedding near to the danger point (11.5 volts or lower) while turning, the inability to be ‘topped off’ having a maintenance charger overnight. This battery hasn’t stranded me however the signs have there been.

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The initial Optima Red-colored Top never was spoiled, my Jeep would sit within the front yard sometimes for just two-3 days straight as i used a far more fuel efficient vehicle. The Jeep’s 5.2 V8 runs very well for getting 203K miles onto it, that might be the primary reason the initial Red-colored Top survived as lengthy because it did, it never needed to work way too hard to begin engine. In addition, I have lighten the burden much more by changing many of the interior incandescent lights (the instrument panel lights) with Brought substitutes.

I am very paranoid about being stranded having a dead battery since i still take outings using the Jeep deep in to the national forests where there’s no service station or tow trucks, that why I changed the initial Red-colored Top with another Optima Red-colored Top, I really hope that one lasts as lengthy as the first.

Durability strategies for you Optima Red-colored Top proprietors: Never enable your battery go completely dead (below 9.5 volts) and remain there, sulfation from the lead cells may happen. Such as the other testers say, disconnect battery if you are planning to keep the automobile to have an longer timeframe.