This really is my second Journey battery in five years. The first was bought to exchange the stock battery within my 2009 Kawasaki Tyrex. I run stock car headlights with 4 overhead off-road lights along with a stereo system system with 4 loudspeakers along with a winch. Irrrve never had any difficulty beginning or running the Teryx despite a chilly three month lengthy winter storage. Now in the finish from the fifth year, the very first battery won’t hold electric power charge any longer. I am pleased with the merchandise. I’d have gave it 5 stars however i don’t believe the batteries last the 8 years they clam.

Battery delivery was timely. Showed up as guaranteed. Performance as guaranteed. Proper packaging. I made use of on high end, high compression small block with limited compartment space.

Is effective. no problems. these batteries last through warmth and cold. I’ve three within my boat for the stereo system equipment and look out onto start the boat. Great product!

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Great battery! Experience my World cat 26 as my port & back-up battery!! After over 12 months of engines not began, the starboard battery[an ordinary boat battery] was dead, dead!! I switched the change to both and so i might get the trim to operate, began the starboard engine using the Journey after which began the main harbour engine, not a problem!!

Have experienced it since 2006 or earlier also it still serves me well!!

I purchased a brand new Journey PC1200 to obtain lots of energy for add-ons on my small GoldWing. Regrettably my ignition switch was faulty, also it went battery completely lower as the bike was parked. The costly special EnerSys 25A FastCharger needed would certainly default, rather than re-charging it. The maker explained the main reason was that discharging the Deep-Cycle battery completely destroyed it. What is the method to use a device to chop-the battery connection if this drops towards the critical low 10.5-Current ?

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