Best in Class Performance for Highest Power Needs

You´ve got a highly equipped car? The VARTA Silver Dynamic is the perfect choice for non-start-stop technology with the highest power needs. It offers supreme starting power that will meet the toughest energy demands without compromise.

For Extra Power and Premium Performance

  • The premium battery for vehicles with non-start-stop technology
  • Up to 15% higher starting power than Blue
  • Available in 11 models of varying capacity, CCA and size
  • Recyclable and produced in an energy-saving way


  • No other battery can match its design with VARTA. Our patented technology of the stamped grille PowerFrame® makes VARTA batteries much more durable than conventional batteries. This is just one of the reasons why automakers have chosen us for many years.This unique grating provides an ideal current flow – 70% higher compared to conventional designs. This means that each VARTA battery has an extremely high starting capacity, is quickly recharged and very resistant to corrosion. The VARTA Silver dynamic cold scroll current is 122% CCA, VARTA Blue dynamic – 110% CCA, VARTA Black dynamic – 100% CCA.

    In short, these batteries are designed for exceptional performance throughout their long life.

Battery Series:

“Varta Silver Dynamic”

Accumulators of this series are available in different capacities:

– Varta silver dynamic 100 Ah

– Varta silver dynamic 74 Ah,

– Varta silver dynamic 63 Ah,

– Varta silver dynamic 54 Ah and others.

A series of BLACK dynamic accumulators is presented in 11 kinds of “C” (6, 30), “D” (15, 21, 39), “E” (23, 38, 44), “F” (18), “H” (3), “I” (1).

There are three types: Silver dynamic, Blue dynamic and Black dynamic.

Silver dynamic batteries are designed primarily for new powerful cars with numerous consumers. They are available in 10 types and have particularly high starting characteristics at the lowest temperatures.

Compared to our VARTA Blue Dynamic the VARTA Silver Dynamic offers 15% higher starting power.

Brand: Varta


The VARTA Silver Dynamic series is a battery manufactured using traditional, calcium-based technology, using the silver alloying method. By adding silver to the alloy, it is possible to achieve a significant increase in life (by about 20%), and also to increase the starting current by a third in comparison with conventional antimony batteries. A well-known minus of calcium technology is low resistance to discharge-charge cycles. That is, it is enough to put such a battery completely 3-5 times, and it will be extremely difficult to restore it. Otherwise VARTA Silver Dynamic is not much different from other batteries with liquid electrolyte. In particular, their price remains acceptable. This is an excellent option for picking cars of small and middle class.


Ideally, batteries need to be recharged a couple of times a month, regardless of the pores of the year.


It all starts with VARTA®