Dependable Performance for Australian Conditions

Century Hi Performance batteries are a perfect balance between CCA and service life, they feature hard wearing internal components to reduce corrosion and enhance vibration resistance, while producing dependable power and performance for cars with standard accessories.


Our #1 selling Century High Performance battery, sealed maintenance free range, comes with a 24 Month Nationwide Warranty and Smart Drive™ Technology, and has undergone years of engineering research and development, innovative design and “Second to None” production processes in order to ensure their reliability, especially in harsh driving conditions.

Driving conditions are different everywhere, which is why drivers in cooler climates such as Europe and North America may be driving vehicles with batteries that are specifically designed to withstand low temperatures, ice and snow.

Whilst, the features that make these car batteries reliable in cold climate are desirable for these conditions, they are not the practical choice for the harsh, drier and hotter Australian weather. Australia is blessed with plentiful sunshine, and temperatures can rise to levels that batteries designed for colder climates simply cannot handle.

Whilst ordinary imported batteries will perform decently for the most basic motoring needs, they may not be the best choice for harsher conditions prevalent in Australia — and experienced Australian motorists know this.

Why should you choose the Century High Performance Battery For Your Vehicle?

Car Battery Australia, understands how important a reliable battery is when you’re driving at challenging conditions. Cement and asphalt roads can absorb and reflect heat increasing the under-bonnet temperatures dramatically. Batteries not built for this type of punishment can easily get damaged or compromised, leading to less than ideal performance levels and ultimately, added cost.

The Century High Performance battery range, primarily makes use of “High-Grade” internal components to reduce corrosion, water loss and gassing, which are contributory factors to the deterioration of the protective material in many vehicle batteries. As a result, motorists can rely on the Century brand to give them long-lasting starting power and safe on and off road performance.


Battery Series:

“HI Performance”

It is presented in 21 names of accumulators of the given series:

41 43 57 MF 57EF MF 58 MF 58VT SMF 58EB MF 55D23R MF 55D23L MF NS60 MF NS60L MF NS60S MF NS60LS MF NS40Z MF NS40ZL MF NS40ZS MF NS40ZLS MF N65D MF 03 50D20R MF 50D20L MF

Brand: Century


Our No 1 selling Sealed Maintenance Free range, has an average life-span of 3.5 to 4 years, exceeding their warranty periods by far.

1) Robust cast plate design

Designed and manufactured to deliver lower internal resistance, offering superior engine starting power, resilient vibration resistance leading to prolonged service life.

2) Optimized plate paste formulation

The plate paste is specifically formulated to reduce electrolyte evaporation and enhanced charge acceptance, promoting exceptional performance and prolonged service life.

3) Expanded grid/plate design

Manufactured with Tin and a fine surface grain to combat corrosion, reduced electrical resistance to deliver optimum energy output, and water consumption minimized.

4) Durable polyethylene plate separators

Primary purpose to insulate the opposing plates against short circuiting due to their resilient puncture resistant properties. Contribute to lower electrical resistance and sustained electrolyte dispersion, delivering higher cranking amps to start your engine.

5) Integrated flame arrestor

Efficient protection against external sparks, flames and other various sources of ignition.

6) Mud rack case design

Specialist support racks for the plates, to minimizes short circuit and vibration.

7) Robust polypropylene case

Reinforced protection for internal components, that arise from shock and vibration extremities.

8) Durable carry handle

The handle is ergonomically designed with a thickly grooved hand support, for comfort and ease of replacing and storing battery.

9) Built-in state of charge indicator

Quickly helps you diagnose the state of charge and condition of battery. Lets you determine if charging is needed, or requires replacing.

10) Cast on strap

Extra thickness in the manufacturing of the cast on strap, offers lower electrical resistance and prevents premature degradation from heat and vibration.

11) Labyrinth Lid Technology

The lid is designed to assist in the prevention of electrolyte leakage when battery is tilted, or excessive vibration.

The primary purpose of the Century Advanced Labyrinth Structure, is to work in unison with the Heat Sealed Double Lid Technology to condense and retain water vapour produced by the battery in operation or charging mode.

Whilst the upper lid remains cooler, the vapours condense and flow back to the lower lid as water. Hence, flowing back safely into the battery to maintain healthy fluid levels to deliver prolonged life span in Australia’s hotter climate.


Important! When purchasing a battery, you should review the release date. Especially this point should be clarified on the battery that does not provide for the replacement of electrolyte.


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