Advanced Technology for Hybrid Vehicles

Century’s range of hybrid auxiliary batteries incorporates absorbed glass matt (AGM) technology and a valve regulated recombinant lead acid (VRLA) design, to provide enhanced cycling capabilities and dependable power to run the vehicles on-board electrics and computer management systems.

The range features products that have low self-discharge and low internal resistance which enables them to be recharged more efficiently using a lower voltage.

The sealed non-spillable design eliminates the need for regular topping up of electrolyte levels and enables the products be fitted in hard to reach locations without the need for regular accessibility.
Century’s range of Hybrid Auxiliary batteries have been specially developed as an OE replacement for the auxiliary battery fitted in range of Hybrid vehicles.

Century Hybrid Auxiliary batteries provide enhanced cycling capability and the power required to run the vehicle’s on-board electrics and computer management system. The advanced design features improve cycling ability and enable the battery to recharge faster.

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The Hybrid Auxiliary Range batteries are rechargable. This is thanks to the advanced technology incorporated in making them. Recharging works through cycling. The batteries can power electrics and systems on the vehicle that are managed through a computer.


Battery Series:

“Hybrid Auxiliary Range”

The range of batteries is presented in 3 types:

S34B20R S46B24R S55D23R

Brand: Century


For example, in modern hybrid batteries, the packing density of lead plates in packets is such that they are actually AGM-batteries rather than batteries with usual “liquid” electrolyte. And thanks to the design and technology used, the evaporation of water from the electrolyte is 12 times less than required by the standard for maintenance-free batteries. As a result, hybrids produce very high cold current rates and capacities – one of the most valuable qualities of expensive AGM models.

In hybrid technology, a negative plate is poured from a calcium lead alloy, and a positive plate is made from a lead alloy doped with selenium. The technology uses special high-tech elements added to alloys. Hybrid received from their calcium batteries their strengths – low self-discharge and the ability to use thinner lead plates.


It is known that recharging or deep charging will quickly remove the power source, because the result is the formation of scale on the electrodes of the battery. For this reason, the density of the electrolyte must be constantly monitored. Also this parameter can show the battery discharge level.


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