It is really an assorted summary of sorts.

I bought an Optima SC35DA Yellow Top from Amazon in August of 2009 plus it labored fine until March of 2011. The plastic across the negative battery publish just split with gas and gel oozing out.

I did not think there’s any issue because this Optima battery includes a three year full alternative warranty.

The warranty merry go round started.

I referred to as Amazon . com . com which i had been told to Optima, Optima described they’d not warranty battery because Amazon . com . com is not an authorized merchant, to Amazon . com . com, then to Optima and so on.

The best result’s that Amazon . com . com wound up giving us one hundred % refund in the cost in the battery. I’d instead of stood a new battery however got frustrated using the Baloney and aggravation then I did so what others did, I visited a close discount store and purchased an affordable battery.

What’s the reason behind trading $174.00 on which needs to be the most effective battery simply to be fail very at the beginning of its existence cycle then have to dispute configuring it transformed?

The Optima battery labored for less than couple of years. So why do using the money one when you’re able to buy a Wal-Mart special for less than half the price, get it transformed in your town or just trash it and buy a alternative.

I need to thank Amazon . com . com for finally giving me the refund but there’s a lot of aggravation involved. Of all the the complaints I have uncover the inadequate an assurance when the Optima Battery is bought from Amazon . com . com, that which you might already know Amazon . com . com would stop selling it.

For this reason I gave it simply one star.

I am in a position to only claim that nobody should by Optima Battery Product from Amazon . com . com unless of course obviously they do know that there are no warranty whatsoever.

Wow! I am both relieved and impressed. I merely bought a few these batteries. After reading through through previous horror tales about damaged/no packaging I have to admit I used to be reluctant. I have had other conditions with Amazon . com . formerly. I merely couldn’t resist the price here, with free postage it sealed the sale. I guess whoever will the shipping here got the information about poor/damaged packaging. Mine were both shipped undamaged by UPS(it becomes an amazing occasion), so that as it switched the boxes specified for like tanks. Extra thick pressboard boxes by getting a whole lining of corrugated pressboard reinforcement completely across the battery. The batteries inside were in good shape!!! A+ job here by Amazon . com .!!! BTW shipping appeared to become lighting fast….I bought on Sitting and batteries turned up on Tues.

I used to be just a little skeptical about ordering an Optima off here because of the very fact Amazon . com . com doesn’t accept returns inside it (naturally). However, after needing to pay over $210 within my local Napa store for your WRONG BATTERY (Asked for a 35 as well as the kid offered us a 25), I returned my first Optima to Napa and proceeded to buy that certain from amazon . com . com. It turned up a couple of days later in the box that could safeguard virtually anything (see images I added). After installation, this battery has surpassed my anticipation. Strong start every time, doesn’t drain fast whatsoever, and my vehicle car headlights also don’t dim badly simply because they did formerly by getting an AC Delco battery. I give this battery a b -+ for performance and quality, and recommend it. I furthermore give amazon . com . com a b -+ on cost and shipping, and that i must like the shippers who protected this factor enjoy it might be an infant therefore i might get a wonderfully brand-new awesome Optima YellowTop!

Essentially could give zero stars I’d… I realize its cheaper here, however, this battery just died after 6 several days of regular use. Amazon . com . com will not offer the product and will not accept returns. Optima will not also warranty from an unauthorized seller. Funny, they left that in the listing with this particular battery. I learned my lesson, so hopefully everyone reading through through this could learn their very own too without losing $$. Unacceptable business practice for me personally. FAIL.

I bought this because my 2004 honda pilot factory battery was on its last leg. It’s my job to have prefered optima batteries because the yellow and blue top versions Optima Batteries 8052-161 D31M BlueTop Combination Battery might be DEEP launched without damage. In the conventional flooded acidity battery after 10 dead occasions you’ll the various store as you’ve destroyed your battery. Same visits a more compact extent while using optima red-colored-colored top – they are strictly a newbie battery.

Inside my situation I leave add-ons on 24×7 like my escort radar detector. It’s to make certain the gps navigation navigation details are current also to keep the microwave components warm when I leave in the morning they are on frequency and yield accurate dimensions.

The yellow top can be a mix involving the deep cycle marine blue top as well as the beginning red-colored-colored top. It’s plenty of CCA’s to exhibit inside the engine the very next day, plus it isn’t damaged when you’re drained. I really do keep my yellow top ‘topped off’ getting a ctek charger CTEK Multi US 7002 12V Charger whenever feasible, nevertheless the battery holds a unique even without ac charging.

Yes, Optima cells are pricey, the only downside. Mine incorporated plugs making it fit my vehicle as being a factory cell. I buy more years from an optima versus. an interstate by a good deal, so there is something proposition too. Not being stranded from vehicle car headlights left on is a good feature!