This battery isn’t cheap at all however this is certainly not really a situation of false advertising. I’ve two inside a Dodge Ram 2500 (diesel) and there’s not really a single little bit of engine start hesitation even around the very coldest of days. My home is Virginia so we’re not speaking about arctic conditions but all I’m able to say is they have operated perfectly during the last 4 years with no single hiccup. Thank you for an excellent product.

I replace every battery by having an Journey. That one is perfect for an electrical start generator that’s employed for emergency energy within our country home. Ale these batteries to carry electric power charge is amazing and means they are well suited for this and many other programs. Battery showed up not surprisingly – they’re frequently utilized in aircraft so it may be shipped by air if required. The batteries will be employed in any orientation because they are totally sealed – no leaks no spills! The price of battery is high, but worth it and much more. I’ve no qualms about having to pay more for hassle free service.

Battery reads 12.86 VDC red carpet several weeks sitting and also the battery’s age has ended 2 yrs old. Every other battery technology could have been dead right now. Discuss easy to maintain!!!!! No charging necessary. I made use of Optima before Journey came available on the market. Even an Optima could have been dead red carpet several weeks. Investment wasted. I see pointless why this battery won’t continue for 10 years plus. Put that inside your pipe and smoke it!!!

This battery works as referred to! Its worth every cent you have to pay for this. I’ve 2000 w of JL Audio amplifiers within my truck which battery maintains all day long lengthy!

I desired something to supplement my generator throughout the evening time hrs after i did not want the noise of my gasoline generator. I’ve this mounted on a computerized charger set to keep an Absorbed Glass Pad (AGM for brief) battery. I’ll from time to time run my lights about this over evening after which allow the charger do it’s job to revive it’s charge each morning. It will take maximum charge after which settle lower to some trickle. Recommend this battery or any one of it’s related type from Journey.

Battery was great, with a lot of turning energy. No problems until eventually the18 wheeler wouldn’t start. The very best posts demonstrated lots of current around the meter, but apparently the connecting towards the positive side terminal broke internally, and that one was linked to my beginning system, so you know what… no go. Along side it devices possess a design flaw because they must be better supported to avoid this type of separation. Since I Have need both positive devices within my set-up, it was a large problem for me personally.

I’d a Optima Yellow Top since about 2009 roughly and even though it might start the vehicle, anything past that, I’d about 5-8 mins of your time to operate my system prior to the battery would drop below 11 volts. So off and away to the Environmental protection agency dump it went. After reading through MANY reviews about this battery (that was a upgrade in the 1200 which i had) after setting it up built in place I gave this about a couple of days to have it as much as charge. I wasn’t expecting much, just a rise in time I possibly could run the machine using the vehicle off, BUT amazingly enough I could go More than an hour or so without problem and also the vehicle began like no bodies business. Which is on the multi-amplifier system. Great upgrade and glad I made careful analysis visit Journey.

A lot better the individuals op yellow top batteries switch the my yellow top with this particular with no more problems yellow top was just 24 months old which would be a alternative the first only survived 3.5 yrs