Set up in my Polaris Sportsperson 850 XP for additional beginning energy and additional in my winch and Rigid Industries Brought ton lights. AGM Style battery so dont worry about leaks. I plan to purchase a pair (Different #) to set up within my 90 Dodge cummins after i finish it!

I’ve Polaris 02 700 sportsperson battery is position, and so i placed on its side bolted the energy & ground cables to the PC925L, dropped it within the stock battery box, (the stock tie lower labored perfected) plenty of reserve energy for squirting roundup.

No complaints! Showed up earlier than guaranteed was at the initial Journey box (that was well packed incidentally) plus they used given-x and so i received a spead boat notification and could track it’s progress.

I’m going to purchase my second pc925L-Battery power. It did actually last ten years!! I really like these dry cell Odyssey’s.

I have had poor luck with flooded lead acidity deep cycle batteries in marine programs, and ideal luck using the more compact Journey dry cells in PWCs. And So I made the decision to take a position additional profit one of these simple after my last pontoon boat battery died.

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The PC925L fits acceptably within my group 24 battery box when situated on its side. I purchased some M6 wing bolts (10mm lengthy) to simply connect my attention devices and supply a clamp position for my charger. Had simply no problem turning & beginning a 60hp Mercury outboard, however the real test can come after i utilize it during the night and turn on the docking lights. That always drops system current enough to dim the panel gauge and anchor lights.

My primary desire using the Journey battery is lengthy existence, as I have familiar with the more compact ones. That remains seen.

Bought the PC925L in my 2014 Kawasaki Teryx4 LE. Thought I’d have trouble getting it fit without modification.

However, lounging it on its side (devices facing the passenger side) — it fit good. The positive terminal was a little of the stretch, however the negative

terminal had lots of length. This battery perseverence all of your add-ons and crank the engine while going for a nap. The stock battery won’t take much, and it’ll be battling to crank your engine within heavy load.

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Journey PC925L AGM battery fit just like a glove inside a 2013 Polaris Sportsperson 850 HO XP LE, lil costly but worthwhile for me personally, can’t stand battery problems deep in to the back country, warranty talks by itself, bye bye Walmart Never Start, needed to state that !!!

great battery. still being used 24 months later! Placed on my Polaris Ranger Diesel like a second battery to operate our add-ons, winch, radio, cb radio, amplifier, sub, loudspeakers.