I changed my factory provided Optima battery in my Jeep Liberty Diesel with this particular battery. I needed the very best dry cell battery available and think I’ve discovered it. It’s physically larger than stock but set in and all sorts of cables arrived at with no problems. The stock battery blanket needed some added velcro to wrap this battery tightly. It came fully billed and it has carried out not surprisingly. Request me in 8 years as that’ll be the real test.

My home is Upstate NY in which the winters are unbelievably cold. Many occasions throughout the wintertime we have seen temps between -20 to -30 below. To date this battery hasn’t disappointed. My Silverado begins very rapidly with energy to spare to operate all of the add-ons.

The 2 large names in 4×4 batteries are Optima and Journey. Optima’s come in Mexico and include a 3 year warranty. Journey batteries come in the united states and also have a 4 year warranty. Odyssey’s are allegedly better simply because they use ‘virgin lead’ instead of recycled lead. Virgin lead? I’d rather not stick my wiener inside the one thing Among the finest it to begin my vehicle! Anyways, besides using ‘virgin lead’ the large difference happens when it involves cost. My Optima ‘red top’ cost $160 as the Journey cost $320 in a local 4×4 shop ($250 for that battery + $65 environment fee). My Optima survived 4 years within the desert warmth so hopefully the Journey can last a minimum of five. Stay updated, I’ll provide you with an update in 2020 🙂

This battery will fit Subaru’s roughly 1990 to 2004 (possibly other years too). I’ve three of those batteries in three automobiles. Service existence of 8 years is certainly achievable. I’m a lot more happy with Odyessey batteries compared to competition Optima. I’d an Optima yellow top create a shorted cell just outdoors of warranty, and that i had really never even installed it (just stored it on trickle charge). I still make use of the Optima to operate my phone charger and fan throughout camping but it’s useless in because the vehicle’s primary battery. The Odyseey’s haven’t whatsoever disappointed me thought!

They are undoubtedly the very best battery I have used. Optima don’t even compare. I will not be using other things again. They are well packed through the manufacturer and shipping no problem. I am unsure the way the warranty stands when bought through Amazon . com though so might be better acquired elsewhere.

Great battery, a couple of things:

1 — should include plugs as it is much more compact compared to OEM battery and needed a wood piece on the top for that hold lower to operate.

2 — the posts tend to be more compact than OEM and so i needed to get my truck connector ‘shaved’ because even fully tight they’d come loose.