Lead-acid autocraft marine batteries are specially designed for marine and river yachts, ships and boats with electric motors, and for walking on water. With a minimum size and weight, they work much more efficiently than conventional batteries, provide the highest starting current, have high cyclicity and resistance to deep discharges. The autocraft marine batteries are designed for extreme conditions and meet the standards.

Battery Series:

«Autocraft Silver Battery»

Another excellent Autocraft battery is the Silver model. Typically starting at under $100, the Silver is Autocraft’s most affordable battery and, despite its reduced price, offers many of the same features, which predominate the brand’s higher-end batteries.

Brand: AutoCraft


Sealed maintenance-free batteries that do not contain free electrolyte. The entire electrolyte in these batteries is absorbed by glass fiber located between the plates. so these batteries will not leak even if the case is dropped and damaged. These batteries are even allowed to be transported by air.

The autocraft marine batteries are great for a variety of purposes. They can withstand a deep discharge well and can therefore be used to power the household network (lighting, pumps, household appliances, etc.) on board. The large cold start current makes them perfectly suited as well for use as starting, for powering the PU or other consumers requiring a large inrush current.

Due to the low internal resistance and therefore the ability of the battery even small capacity to create large currents, they are very convenient when used on boats equipped with motors with electric start-up.


Even if your ship is equipped with a non-standard power system that has constant problems with battery loss, it is not too expensive and it is quite possible for anyone to make or improve the electrical system of his boat powerful and reliable. Having corrected one or two of the above disadvantages, if they are found, you will save your own funds for repairs and replacement parts. A good quality battery can easily last 3-3.5 years. Compare this to the price of permanent failures and replacements of a cheap battery every 18 months or even more often.



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