Optima car batteries must be fully charged with a battery charger in order to operate properly. If you want to have a car that drives easily, you must follow the instructions carefully. Charging it by bounding the battery with a running car and after that, allowing it charge off the alternator can harm the alternator and price lots of money.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow. The first step is to take away the battery from the car. Be careful to disconnect the negative connector and then the positive one from the terminal. On the connectors of the battery, if you want to release the bolts, then you should employ an adjustable wrench. To pick up the connectors off the terminal, you need to pull upward. Place the battery on a level surface after lifting out of the engine slot. Pay attention to the type of the surface. It must not be concrete.

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The next step is to attach the battery to the charger. You must connect the positive connector to the same (positive) terminal and the negative cable to the negative (-) terminal of the battery. The standard colors of the cables are red for the positive and black for the negative one.

Your battery can be different so you must check with the charger guide to be sure you use it efficiently. After properly connecting the battery to the charger, leave it there for about 12 hours or until the charge indicator of your battery shows that charging is complete.

The last stage of the process is disconnecting it from the charger, removing first the negative and after that, the positive cable. When placing it back in the engine box, join the positive cable first, then the negative one. After that, make safe both connectors with a wrench. You can drive your car without thinking about this problem now.

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