Having a dead battery is frustrating. It is even more frustrating if the battery is consistently drained. The main cause of consistent battery drain is a malfunctioning system. While it may be difficult to identify the specific system or device that is bringing about battery drain, the best thing to do is to troubleshoot the system.

To undertake effective troubleshooting, you need to follow the following steps.

  1. Using a wrench, disconnect the negative cable from the battery
  2. Take the test light and place it in the automobile’s electrical circuit. To ensure that you are testing the battery effectively, place the test light between the negative battery cable and the negative terminal of the battery; you should connect one lead of the test light to the battery’s negative terminal while the other lead of the test light should be connected to the negative cable to the battery.
  3. If the system is working effectively, you will see a dim light rising from the test light bulb. If the systems are not working properly, no light will come from the test light.
  4.  Go to the fuse panel and remove all the fuses one at a time. When you remove the fuse, you should test the fuse panel using the test light to ensure that the panel is working effectively. If the test light remains lit even after removing the fuse, then the system is working properly. It is not the one causing the battery drain. After testing the fuse and confirming that it is working properly, you should replace the removed fuse, move to the next fuses, and test them.
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You should continue testing the fuse panel by removing and replacing the fuses until you find the system or the device that is bringing about the battery drain. To ensure that there is no future battery drain, replace, or repair the malfunctioning system or device.