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Odyssey PC925LMJ-A reviews

Should you’re searching only at that battery then you’re a get it done yourselfer, and when you’re much like me, ride a Road King (FLHR). Should you’re how old irrrve become, then you definitely remember vent tubes that dispersed acidic gas and liquid around the frame, together with six caps which needed to be unscrewed […]

Odyssey PC1200MJT car battery reviews

I’m now on my small third Journey battery. The very first survived 3-four years and so i bought another. The 2nd survived 2.five years so when I contact Journey to ask about why the lifespan was reduced from these one I had been given a lot of reasons regarding the way i had messed up […]

Odyssey PC545 battery reviews

This battery replaces exactly the same battery bought in 2001. Nine many years of hassle free abuse is not bad. Frequently could leave the bike for six several weeks or even more without riding. Anyway in case your a driver that could get a little too busy to ride for amounts of time. Leave your […]

Optima 8002 reviews

The US-made Optima 8002 have been the companions of all my carriers for years. Even the most wretched of all I have used worked for almost five years before giving me any hard time but all the rest have made it through more than seven years and that too without ant electrolyte leakage. I purchased this […]

Optima 8020 Reviews

I researched all over the internet and decided on Amazon because they were giving the Optima 8020 for the lowest price deal. But I was concerned after reading a number of customer reviews warning about the battery delivered in a damaged condition. But when I bought the battery, it was delivered very professionally. It was […]

Optima 8022-091

There is no wet or get cell lead acid battery that can be compared with Optima batteries for their efficiency and resilience. But Amazon is not an official Optima dealer, so making a purchase through Amazon is not recommended. You can replace a malfunctioned Optima 8022-091 battery with new one only through an official Optima […]

Optima 8042 Battery reviews

I was not very comfortable with buying a car battery through internet but the local stores were charging almost twice as much as what was available on Amazon, so I decided to go for it. The battery was shipped almost instantly in a professional packing. Optima 8042 was not at all damaged and was completely charged […]

Odyssey PC680 Review

This really is my second PC680. The very first is still good after seven years, I simply took it off since it is old. Didn’t have an issue with it whatsoever. I personally use it to begin my RV9A experimental plane having a 320 cubic inch Lycoming engine. Just installed a brand new PC680 Journey […]

Optima 8025

I have used a number of Optima Red and Yellow batteries and as per my experience these are superb at this price. If you want better than these, you will have to spend almost double amount on batteries. I bought this Optima 8025 battery as a first purchase from Amazon. The order was processed very […]