Having a quality car battery is something you simply cannot afford to overlook. A good car battery can notably affect the overall performance of your vehicle. One of the finest battery products on the market is the AutocCraft battery. Autocraft has long been known for producing top-of-the-line automotive batteries that exhibit a long life span and resistance to corrosion, which is a common problem in terms of battery maintenance.


Autocraft offers a diverse range of products, including their industry-leading Autocraft marine battery. Nevertheless, it is the automobile industry which has truly propelled Autocraft into one of the most respected manufacturers of batteries. Their batteries have a long list of innovations, including:

  • Top Quality Silver/Tin/Calcium Alloy Construction

This facilitates superior life span and minimal maintenance requirements. The STC alloy is also well-suited for a range of temperatures most cars experience during the year.

  • Double-Sided Pasted Plates

This type of pasting prevents the plates from warping over time and reduces the occurrence of short circuits in the separator.

  • Fortified Top Strip

Surrounded by a fully framed positive grid, this feature provides far greater battery performancecompared to products with positive expanded metal.

  • Negative Paste Compound

This reduces shedding and adds years of high performance use to the battery’s life.

  • Substantially Wider Lugs

This is a feature typical of most Autocraft batteries. The expanded width supplements cranking ability and minimizes electrical resistance within the battery.

  • Grids With Rounded Plate Corners

In contrast to the typical square corner variation, this feature minimizes instances of short-circuiting.

  • Sophisticated Alloy Weld Within The Cells

This is an inclusion that further promotes longevity and long-lasting performance.


Battery Series:

“Automotive” (battery for economy class)

Compared to competing brands, AutoCraft’s prices are very competitive, especially given the abundant features and stellar customer reviews that typically accompany these batteries. For those who are comparing prices or are simply looking to get the most battery for their money, an Autocraft battery should be atop your list.

Brand: AutoCraft


Calcium batteries (Ca / Ca) – a battery whose lead plates are doped with calcium. The content of Ca is 0.08-0.09% by weight. Such a species, unlike antimony or hybrid, is rarely used, due to its high cost, although the plates with antimony are inferior to the plates with calcium. The device is identical to any lead car battery.

The process of producing a battery with calcium content is somewhat different from the standard scheme. The grids for the battery are created by stamping, because the high temperature during casting destroys calcium. For the stamping, a lead tape is produced with the addition of Ca, then it is perforated, creating a complex shape, but retaining the outer frame.


What to consider when buying AutoCraft batteries

  • Check manufacturing date, it is stamped on the case as two digit month and year. For example 07/18. When was battery manufactured? Within the last year is great, up to two years is fine. Don’t buy a battery that was manufactured over two years ago.
  • When buying AutoCraft batteries from Advance Auto Parts check the warranty period carefully. 
  • If you have no sales receipt for your AutoCraft battery, Advance Auto Parts store will not replace your bad battery.




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