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Bosch S5

The Bosch S5 Car Battery is well suited for premium car segments including upper-class domestic, imported segments & vehicles with a high number of electrical consumers. The S5 Battery delivers dependable power in extreme temperatures & other high demand situations.   Link Storage batteries BOSCH S5 Silver Plus are created on the basis of the […]

S6 High Performance AGM™ Battery

Bosch S6 High Performance AGM™ Batteries provide excellent charge acceptance & peak power for vehicles with start/stop systems, regenerative braking & the highest electronic demand. The S6 features AGM™ technology & satisfies the highest starting & power supply standards even in extreme hot & cold climates. Link This type of product is suitable for premium […]

Bosch S3

The S3 Battery is an economical solution for older cars with less electrical equipment. BOSCH S3 – is the optimal combination of power, rational capacity and high reliability. The battery pack of this series is an affordable and effective solution to the problem of power supply to the car and complete absence of problems when […]

Bosch S4

The S4 is an all-around battery focused on mid-size car segment with average number of electrical consumers. Link The manufacturer at the creation of this line took into account all the wishes of motorists. Thanks to the innovative development, the coating was made with silver, which helped to increase the wear resistance of the batteries, […]

Bosch car batteries

You will be a very comfortable person if you choose Bosch car battery because of available varieties that fit both small and heavy vehicles. Bosch battery can meet all vehicle requirements and a replacement guarantee is available. Energy range of Bosch can meet electronic equipment, driving style and even vehicle category influence battery.

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