IT Appears CELEBRITY does indeed really make a difference. In the RM Sotheby’s ‘Driven By Distraction’ auction in New You are able to City on Friday evening, the psychedelic Janis Joplin 1964 Porsche 356 C 1600 SC Cabriolet offered for all of usDollar1,760,000 (or $2.2million) that was way over the pre-auction estimate peopleDollar400,000-$600,000, or $550,000-$860,000.

Based on Sotheby’s there have been numerous bidders both within the room as well as on the phones together all putting in a bid furiously to secure the main one-off Porsche, this was Joplin’s daily driver. The cost compensated is really a record for just about any Porsche 356 offered in a public auction.

The 356 was second-hands when Joplin, the Full of Rock ‘n’ Roll, bought it in 1968. She requested Dork Richards, a buddy and roadie together with her band to fresh paint it having a psychedelic ‘Good reputation for the World’ mural, making it among the first true ‘art cars’.

Following Joplin’s dying, her brothers and sisters had tried to restore the vehicle coupled with it reclaimed and repainted in the original Dolphin Gray. Ouch. The household then engaged two artists to recreate the initial mural from photos… the 356 ended up being borrowed towards the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame where it’s been displayed during the last two decades.

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