There I had been saying how suddenly brilliant and simple to balance the M4 was on the greasy track. After which I required a detour across rural Bedfordshire in typically wintry conditions. And things got a little lairy. Great news? I did not really finish in a area. Due to the fact I believe the BMW could not quite decide between departing the street via snap oversteer or simply bouncing off it through a mix of excessively fierce springs and inadequate damping. Whenever we stopped my buddy, following in the MX-5, looked ashen. ‘That was frightening just watching it!’ he stated.

A smart guy might have just driven just a little reduced but it is fair to state – as others have reported – an oily, bumpy B-road and also the M4 aren’t happy bedfellows. Or at best this M4. However it appears there might be an answer and, following a stirring recommendation from PHer Wills2 following my last report, I am off and away to drive an M4 having a couple of important tweaks. ‘I’ve just return from AC Schnitzer United kingdom getting driven their modified M4 today, OMG exactly what a machine!’ he stated in the publish. ‘It has their full RS passive damper and spring setup, 510hp, exhaust and lashings of carbon. I have driven the conventional M3 however this is on another level the traction and switch-in make you amazed, the actual way it handles directional changes although coping with road camber and taking in the worst of Norfolk’s B-streets is really a marvel.’

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Recommendation indeed and, getting read that, I had been rapidly on the telephone to Schnitzer’s United kingdom operation in Norfolk to set up a try. More energy from the Schnitzer piggyback ECU and fewer sidewall via 20-inch wheels seem like what the vehicle does not need. But our guy Wills2 was clearly impressed and I am keen to find out if it lives to the hype. As well as the demo vehicle is identical colour as ‘mine’ so every time they visit an effective like-for-like comparison. Watch this space for additional.

In other news I have mainly been taking pleasure in what’ll most likely be my last couple of journeys within the M4 before it dates back and that i fully swap in to the Range Rover. I’m going to get another track session in before that, if perhaps since the confines of Brands basically suggested at what’s there after some extra space to experience with. And, whitened-knuckle ride around the bumpy B-road or otherwise, the upward trajectory of my affections for that M4 continue.

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