Jaguar XJR races Jetman within the Dubai desert

Ex-F1 racer, Martin Brundle, driving a Jaguar XJR went mind-to-mind with self-announced Jetman Dubai pilot, Yves Rossy…

Inside A STUNT Which makes the current Lexus TV commercial look just a little tame, Jaguar Land Rover pitted ex-F1 racer, Martin Brundle, against Jetman Dubai pilot, Yves Rossy inside a race “deep within the Dubai desert”. Yep, a bloke with jets shackled by his back, being dropped from a helicopter to race a vehicle, what might fail? Nothing really.

Brundle was driving the brand new 404kW, 5.-litre Supercharged V8 Jaguar XJR while Rossy was shackled by his 2m-wide fixed wing, er, suit, run by four Jet-Cat superchargers. The race happened on the closed private road as well as in the skies above it.

“It was probably the most unique race I’ve ever played in. I have not seen anything such as the Jetman wing, filled with technology and innovation, and Yves is definitely an very brave guy,” Brundle stated, stating the bleeding apparent.

After five seconds of free-fall following his jump in the “Jetman launch helicopter”, Rossy could level off and energy with the sky over the vehicle, reaching a high speed in excess of 300km/h before he travelled within the line.