Jaguar XJR races Jetman within the Dubai desert

Ex-F1 racer, Martin Brundle, driving a Jaguar XJR went mind-to-mind with self-announced Jetman Dubai pilot, Yves Rossy…

Inside A STUNT Which makes the current Lexus TV commercial look just a little tame, Jaguar Land Rover pitted ex-F1 racer, Martin Brundle, against Jetman Dubai pilot, Yves Rossy inside a race “deep within the Dubai desert”. Yep, a bloke with jets shackled by his back, being dropped from a helicopter to race a vehicle, what might fail? Nothing really.

Brundle was driving the brand new 404kW, 5.-litre Supercharged V8 Jaguar XJR while Rossy was shackled by his 2m-wide fixed wing, er, suit, run by four Jet-Cat superchargers. The race happened on the closed private road as well as in the skies above it.

“It was probably the most unique race I’ve ever played in. I have not seen anything such as the Jetman wing, filled with technology and innovation, and Yves is definitely an very brave guy,” Brundle stated, stating the bleeding apparent.

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After five seconds of free-fall following his jump in the “Jetman launch helicopter”, Rossy could level off and energy with the sky over the vehicle, reaching a high speed in excess of 300km/h before he travelled within the line.